Zagreb to See Over 160 Events During EU Presidency

epa06806184 A flag of Croatia (L) and the European Union (EU, R) are pictured prior a meeting of Croatian President Grabar-Kitarovic and European Commission President Juncker (both not pictured) in Brussels, Belgium, 14 June 2018. Croatia joined the EU on 01 July 2013 and will see the fifth anniversary on 01 July 2018. EPA-EFE/OLIVIER HOSLET

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The coordinator of Croatia’s EU presidency, Gordan Markotić, said  that during the country’s chairmanship of the EU 161 events would be organised in the Croatian capital city and that around 35,000 overnight stays and 14,000 official lunches and dinners were expected.

“During those six months, we expect around 25,000 delegates. In Zagreb alone, around 35,000 overnight stays are expected. All hotels will be engaged,” Markotić said on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Croatian Society of Conference Interpreters.

Markotić stressed that everyone would be provided with accommodation and that all hotels would be full.

During its EU presidency, Croatia will organise around 10,000 official lunches and 4,000 official dinners, he said.

Of the 161 events to be held, most are informal meetings at which decisions are not made but which serve as preparation for formal meetings in Brussels, Markotić said.

Two summit meetings of European leaders, 12 informal meetings of the Council of Ministers, eight ministerial conferences and four meetings of parliament speakers are the most important events to be held in Croatia, said Markotić.

Zagreb will host two-thirds of events, while the rest will take place elsewhere in Croatia, he added.

Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman on Thursday estimated EU presidency costs at around 70 million euro.

The presidential troika started with Romania’s presidency beginning on 1 January, and it also includes Finland, whose presidency started on July 1, and Croatia, which will take over on 1 January 2020.



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