World Health Organization members agree to investigate virus response

Two men change the face mask worn by the art installation 'The Sleeping Bear' in Chiayi, western Taiwan, 18 May 2020.The three-meter bear was set up in front of Chiayi Railway Station in December 2019. Chiayi City Government let the bear wear a face mask to remind people that masks protect them and others from Covid-19. EPA-EFE/DAVID CHANG

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World Health Organization (WHO) member states have agreed to set up an independent inquiry into the global response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The resolution, approved without objection by the WHO’s 194-member annual assembly meeting virtually in Geneva, also allows for the inquiry to look into the health body’s own role.

The United States in particular has been highly critical of its response.

The EU presented the resolution on behalf of 100 nations.

The resolution calls for an “impartial, independent and comprehensive evaluation” of the international response.

This will also focus on the WHO’s “timelines pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic”. The body has faced criticism that it was late to declare a health emergency.

The resolution also calls for the world to ensure “transparent, equitable and timely access” to any treatments or vaccines, and pushes for the WHO to investigate the “source of the virus and the route of introduction to the human population”.

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