Wednesday Morning Briefing
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Your morning briefing with a review of the main news as reported in Malta’s newspapers, major news outlets and portals around the world.


Malta PM Czech.pngThe obligatory sharing of migrants or the drawing of quotas is not an acceptable solution to the migration crisis, Andrej Babiš, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic said after meeting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in a state visit on Tuesday. The Malta Independent

salvini orbanItaly’s Deputy Prime Minister says France should reopen its border crossing at Ventimiglia which was a launching point for migrants crossing into France. Matteo Salvini, whose government is fiercely against migration, said France should show greater “solidarity and sensibility” on the migrant issue. This comes after a meeting with far-right Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Tuesday in Milan who takes an equally tough stance on migration. Euronews

img_4209Officials in Chemnitz said that fake news items spread on social media fueled the riots. There are two suspects in custody and police are still looking for at least ten men that were seen making the illegal Nazi salute. DW



  • L-Orizzont leads with a story about the list aimed at protecting minors, by having sex predators registered on it. The list has doubled since its start. It also carries a report based on comments by Finance Malta’s Kenneth Farrugia, who described Malta’s recent classification in the DLT’s ranking as a result of what has been done and implemented.
  • In-Nazzjon carries a story about the quality of service of Air Malta, which according to a survey had its service classified below average. We also read that MountCarmel hospital workers, employed two years ago are following a directive in view of injustices they are experiencing. It also has a story about the futile search for a police officer in Gozo who was required to carry a forensic investigation.
  • The Malta Independent reports that transport Malta intends to cordon off part of the picturesque Wied il-Għasri in Gozo and make it only accessible to swimmers and not boats next summer. In another story we read that the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) describes the site as a disused landfill “located within a very sensitive environmental context, namely the coastal cliffs which are legally protected on multiple counts… The disused landfill, together with its ancillary access, constitutes a dominant environmental blemish and its extent constrains the extent and effectiveness of the above-mentioned protected area.”
  • The Times reports that Arts Council chairman Albert Marshall put aside established selection procedures for a major cultural appointment to usher his preferred candidate to the post, the Times of Malta has learnt. In another story The Times  reports that the environment watchdog is worried the government decided to start widening Triq tal-Balal, between Naxxar and San Ġwann, without a permit but the Planning Authority has not yet said if it will take any action.
  • Malta Today reports that Starbucks will open its doors in Malta next year after db Group secured a licensing agreement with the US giant for Malta and Gozo, having outbid competition from a major Maltese beverage company. We also read that eight football pitches of farmland will be permanently lost as a result of the Central Link project connecting Mrieħel, Attard and Rabat, according to a preliminary study.

may Africa.pngTheresa May said the UK aims to be Africa’s biggest foreign investor within four years as she began the first visit by a British prime minister to the continent in half a decade. Mrs May is visiting South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya this week to tout a “new partnership” with sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest economies as the UK leaves the EU. Financial Times

canada us mexico.pngA day after President Trump threatened to exclude Canada from a revised North American Free Trade Agreement, top Canadian officials raced to Washington and said they were moving “full steam ahead” to try to reach a compromise that could save the trilateral pact. NYT

img_3651-3President Trump warned evangelical leaders Monday night that Democrats “will overturn everything that we’ve done and they’ll do it quickly and violently” if Republicans lose control of Congress in the midterm elections. NYT

Donald Trump has signalled he is considering regulating Google more tightly as he claimed the search engine’s news section was “rigged” against Right-wing media voices. The Telegraph

Libya The UpdateAl-Bunyan Al-Marsous Force condemned the armed clashes that broke out in the capital Tripoli, calling on all parties to show restraint and to take no measures to escalate the situation. In a statement Tuesday, Al Bunyan Force insisted that the capital will always be open for all Libyans, underlining that the solution to the Libyan problem must be achieved through dialogue and negotiations. Libya Observer

Brazil venezuela.pngBrazil said it was sending armed forces to keep order near the Venezuelan border area, while Peru declared a health emergency, as a regional crisis sparked by thousands of Venezuelans fleeing economic collapse escalated on Tuesday. France 24

img_4174-1The architect Renzo Piano has donated to the city of Genoa a “bridge idea” that has become concrete in the plastic made to carry this morning in the Liguria region. Rai News 24

self harm.pngIn the UK, nearly a quarter of 14-year-old girls self-harm, according to a charity. The Children’s Society is calling for more to be done to support the mental health of teenagers. Sky News

French fishermen have been accused of throwing insults, rocks and smoke bombs at their British rivals in the English Channel in a vicious scrap over scallops. BBC

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