Warning that Italy still in Coronavirus epidemic phase

Girls wearing protective face masks in the Pincio terrace of Villa Borghese Park during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in Rome, Italy. Italy entered the second phase of its coronavirus emergency on 04 May with the start of the gradual relaxation of the lockdown measures that have been in force for 55 days. EPA-EFE/MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI

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Italy is still in the “epidemic phase” of COVID-19, Higher Health Institute (ISS) chief Silvio Brusaferro told the Lower House’s social affairs committee on Thursday.

“The fact that the curve for infections is dropping is positive and this is a result of the measures taken and the behaviour of Italians,” he said. “However, this does not change the fact that we have new cases and that the virus is still circulating in the country and thus must lead us to take the necessary measures” for containment.

He said the data available shows that the level of immunity to COVID-19 is still very low in Italy. Though this varies between the different areas of the country, “at an overall level we are very far from the 70% necessary for the herd immunity threshold”, he said.
Brusaferro added that the “aim is to contain the virus. We cannot yet imagine eradication of the virus, which will only be possible with a vaccine”.

Meanwhile, Civil Protection Chief and Coronavirus Commissioner Angelo Borrelli said Thursday that “we are monitoring things carefully, and containment measures will be stiffened if we should detect the virus taking off again”.

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