VIDEO: Daily News Feed Roundup

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These are the main headlines reviewed by our editorial and research team for today.


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Iran says investigation into airline crash could take one to two years

France warns Iran could have nuclear weapon within one to two years

Labour leadership candidate calls for a referendum on abolishing the monarchy

Von der Leyen: EU must keep promises to Albania and North Macedonia on accession

Bloodbath along Niger’s border with Mali, over 80 persons killed in jihadist attack

Meghan goes back to Canada

Maltese photographer’s Lionel Messi’s photo selected amongst the top 10 sport action photo of the AIPS

Different is Normal, a campaign aimed to portray abilities

Trump proposes NATO expansion into Middle East

Satellite photos reveal extent of damage from Iranian strike on air base in Iraq

Australians urged to flee as huge bushfires revive with fury

Trudeau – Ukrainian Boeing may have been unintentionally shot down by Iranian Anti-Aircraft missile

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