Venice still on high alert as St Mark’s Square re-opens

epa08001475 Water starts rising again in Venice, northern Italy, 16 November 2019. High tidal waters returned to Venice on Saturday, four days after the city experienced its worst flooding in more than 50 years. EPA-EFE/ANDREA MEROLA

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St Mark’s Square began welcoming back tourists on Saturday, a day after exceptionally high tidal waters forced its closure.

The city remains on high alert with fears that winds will propel tidal waters and further damage the already-devastated historic centre.

Despite the area re-opening and the sunnier skies, waters began rising again in St Mark’s Square on Saturday afternoon, with Sunday forecast to be worse.

The city’s mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, estimated that damages to the city would reach at least €1bn, but a final total will not become clear until homes, businesses and shops dry out.

Throughout the week, experts have been racing to stop the rising salt-waters causing damage to precious artwork on walls throughout Venice.

Via Sky News

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