UK, US could take part in EU military projects under draft plan

epa07250483 (FILE) - German 'Bundeswehr' army soldiers from the 371st Mechanized Infantry Battalion show their skills during a presentation within a farewell ceremony in Marienberg, Saxony, Germany 21 June 2017 (reissued 27 December 2018). According to reports, the German Army (Bundeswehr) considers recruiting citizens from the European Union as soldiers as 'an option'. EPA-EFE/FILIP SINGER

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A post-Brexit U.K. and the United States could take part in projects under the EU’s new military pact while leaving China — and possibly Turkey — on the outside, according to a new draft proposal.

The draft, seen by POLITICO, was put forward by the Finnish presidency of the Council of the EU and is on the provisional agenda of a meeting of EU ambassadors on Wednesday.

The document appears intended to respond to EU members with close military ties to the U.K. and U.S., who want to see those countries involved in projects, while also addressing concerns from other members anxious to exclude others including China and Turkey.

The five-page document proposes that a non-member of the EU’s military pact, known as Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), could be invited to take part in a project on condition that “it shares the values on which the EU is founded” — referring to an article in the Treaty on European Union that spells out values such as the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.



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