UK PM Johnson says country will be past coronavirus by mid-2021

A hand out photograph made available by n10 Downing street shows Britain's Prime Minister, Boris Johnson holding a digital Covid-19 press conference in n10 Downing street in London, Britain. EPA-EFE/ANDREW PARSONS / 10 DOWNING STREET HANDOUT

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday he thought the country would be through the novel coronavirus crisis by mid-2021 but his fear was that there would be second spike.

“Whether it came from… a bat, a pangolin or however it emerged, it was a very, very nasty thing for the human race. And I think by the middle of next year we will be well on the way past it,” he told reporters.

Speaking a year since he became prime minister, Johnson said his experience was that government needed “to move faster and be more responsive to the needs of the people.”

He mentioned that people were unable to get their passports in time and a backlog of court cases.

“Sometimes government can be slow,” Johnson told reporters.

He also added that that everybody should get a flu vaccination to prevent the health service getting overwhelmed in winter if the coronavirus outbreak flares up.

Johnson said his anxiety was that the novel coronavirus would come back so the country needed to be prepared.

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