UK backtracks on ‘exemption’ from quarantine for French travellers

Commuters wait for a bus in London, Britain. EPA-EFE/ANDY RAIN

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The British government over the weekend said no exemption has been granted to French travellers arriving in the UK from proposed new two-week quarantine rules.

In an apparent step back from a previous position — announced at the weekend — London said there was no “French exemption”.

“If you look at what was actually said in the joint statement on Sunday night, it said no quarantine measures apply to France at this stage and the key words in that sentence are ‘at this stage’,” said the prime minister’s spokesman. “So there is no exemption agreed with France.

“What we have said is that we will be working together with the French on this issue in the coming weeks.”

The spokesman said a working group would be set up between the two countries to ensure “consultation”.

Meanwhile, French health authorities reported 96 new coronavirus deaths on Saturday, bringing the total to 27,625, as the country eases from a two month lockdown.

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