UK and Sweden remain on the Dutch ‘banned list’ for travel, Malta still pending approval

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte during a press conference, in the Hague, the Netherlands, 03 June 2020, after a meeting of the Ministerial Crisis Management Committee (MCCb) about the corona virus. EPA-EFE/BART MAAT

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Visitors from the UK and Sweden will not be welcome in the Netherlands when tourism starts up again on June 15, prime minister Mark Rutte told reporters on Wednesday evening.

In addition, the UK and Sweden remain on the Dutch ‘banned list’ of destinations for visitors from the Netherlands because of the risk of contracting coronavirus, Rutte said.

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‘The message is, we do not want British people and Swedes here at the moment,’ he said.

‘If they do come, they will have to go into quarantine for two weeks.’ From June 15, people from the Netherlands will be able to visit 12 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and the Dutch Caribbean islands.

‘The health risks have to be the same as they are here,’ Rutte said.

Later, other European countries such as Malta, Spain and France will be added to list of countries, if they formally lift restrictions on tourists from the Netherlands, Rutte said, adding that ‘we are taking this step by step.’

Countries which have imposed quarantine on people from the Netherlands – such as Denmark – will also remain on the orange list where travel should be avoided, he said.  But Danish tourists will be admitted to the Netherlands. ‘We are not doing this on the basis of tit for tat,’ Rutte told reporters. However, travel outside the EU will still be on the basis of essential journeys only and everyone who does so will have to go into quarantine for two weeks on their return. ‘And we will not be repatriating [people who get stuck],’ Rutte said.

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