UAE allows citizens and residents to travel abroad

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The United Arab Emirates will allow both citizens and residents to travel abroad, the state news agency reported on Friday.

In March, the UAE suspended all inbound and outbound passenger flights and the transit of airline passengers in the UAE, allowing only cargo and emergency evacuation flights.

The UAE’s national carriers, as well as international carriers, will now operate their flights according to a classification system, based on several health and safety standards.

Compulsory requirements must be adhered to before departure and upon arrival from all travel destinations. Only UAE nationals must register with ‘Twajudi’ to facilitate communication with them while traveling. Citizens and residents must perform a Covid19 examination before travel, depending on the health regulations at the desired destination. This may require a test result within 48 hours of the travel period.

The results of the examination should be presented either through the Al Hosn application or by showing a medical certificate as proof of the negative result, in order to prove that the individual is free from Covid19 to the authorities at the arrival destination.

Travel will only be permitted if the individual receives a negative result and they must obtain international health insurance, which is valid throughout the period of travel, and covers the desired destination.

Returning residents must ensure that there is no violation of the declared regulations and procedures, the most important being the pre-examination in the countries where laboratories are available, before they return to the UAE.

As of Friday, 672 new coronavirus cases were registered in the UAE, bringing the total number of cases in the UAE to 50,141

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