Twelve persons, all migrants die in collision between their work van and a truck in Foggia, two days after a similar accident which saw four die and five injured
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Twelve people, all migrant workers, have died in a collision between their work van and a truck loaded with tomatoes in countryside near Foggia, Puglia. The victims were returning from working in the fields when their van collided “very violently” with the truck, La Repubblica reports.

The workers’ van, which had a Bulgarian license plate and was carrying all non-EU passengers, collided head-on with a truck full of tomatoes on a road at the junction for Ripalta, in the countryside of Lesina.

The fatal crash comes just two days after a very similar incident in the same area on Saturday, in which four African agricultural laborers died and another five are in a critical condition in hospital. Their van also collided with a truck carrying tomatoes on the way back from a work shift in the Capitanata fields.

Every summer thousands of workers, mostly migrants, arrive in the Puglian countryside for the harvest of tomatoes and other crops.

The victims, could not be identified as they had no documents. Italian Deputy Prime Ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio expressed their condolences, with the latter sounding his anger at the incident which he said ‘can’t repeat itself’.

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