Tunisia accused of refusing to allow migrant boat to dock

epa04988260 YEARENDER 2015 APRIL A picture showing a large number of illegal migrants on board a large dinghy-type vessel as they are rescued by the crew of the Italian Guardia di Finanza ship 'Denaro' in the Mediterranean Sea, 22 April 2015. The leaders of the European Union meet in Brussels on 23 April 2015 to tackle an escalating migration crisis and the daily arrival of hundreds of would-be asylum seekers and migrants crossing the Mediterranean. EPA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO

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Tunisian rights organisation FTDES revealed Tunisian authorities were refusing 75 migrants saved at sea from coming ashore.

The migrants were adrift in international waters in a boat with a broken engine when an Egyptian tug boat brought them aboard. The crew of the tug boat rescued 64 Bangladeshis, nine Egyptians, one Moroccan and one Sudanese, who had departed from Zuwara in western Libya, according to FTDES.

After notifying authorities in Italy and Malta, the crew headed for the southern Tunisian port of Zarzis where authorities refused to allow the ship to dock.

The captain of the ship was quoted as saying that the situation was critical, as he has no more than two days of supplies of water and food.

Tunisian rights organisation FTDES said the regional governor demanded government support before accepting the migrants, following an increase in new arrivals from neighbouring Libya in recent months.

Via Al Jazeera

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