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All portals are dominated by the story revealed yesterday as part of the Daphne Project and Forbidden Stories and the events and comments which followed it.

Yesterday evening the media carried La Repubblica’s story that two new witnesses to the magistrate investigating the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia have claimed that minister Chris Cardona and murder suspect Alfred Degiorgio had met each other at a bachelor’s party on 29 June, 2017, in a Fawwara villa. Minister Chris Cardona has denied what he called ‘serious’ and ‘unfounded’ allegations in his regards. He said that the allegations are speculative and aim at creating a narrative which is being persistently being positioned.

During the day, pressure group Occupy Justice today called for the resignation or removal of Economy Minister chris Cardona, following the latest revelations by the Daphne Project regarding the investigation into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

The culmination of events reached in the evening in Parliament this afternoon when the session was suspended for a few minutes before the end of question time as a war of words ensued between members of the two sides as Economy Minister Chris Cardona was replying to questions. In Parliament Cardona was asked by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi whether he had gone to the police to explain his position after the reports, with the minister replying that the opposition was trying to smear his reputation by linking him to the “macabre” murder. Cardona said that he found it pitiful that some of the members of the opposition wish that they “somehow make a direct connection between me and the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia”. (The Malta Independent)

The Former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said  that he continued to believe that the prime minister owned the secret Panama company Egrant. The exchange developed after the Prime Minister was heard in off-mic comments accusing Dr Busuttil of ‘being a fraudster’ and falsifying documents, telling him he should never see the country again. Dr Busuttil angrily denied the claims and called on the prime minister to substantiate or withdraw his comments. He said the reference to not being able to see the country again was a direct threat. Dr Muscat later apologised, saying he had spoken with political rhetoric. His reference to not seeing the country again was metaphoric in that Dr Busuttil should be ashamed of being seen in the country again after basing his political career on a lie.

Opposition leader Adrian Delia backed Dr Busuttil, saying serious accusations had been made against a member of the opposition which the prime minister should substantiate or withdraw. (Times of Malta)

Dr Busuttil then said that it was true that he had believed the accusations. “Everyone, not just Simon Busuttil, suspected that the company was his.” He then doubled down and accused Muscat of owning the secret Panamanian company Egrant, despite a magisterial inquiry that said it could find no proof of any such ownership or of other accusations made by Busuttil at the time they were alleged by Caruana Galizia. “As long as you keep Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi by your side, many people out there, myslef included, believe that Egrant is yours.” (MaltaToday)

In other stories we read:

Two persons have been hospitalised after an argument in Birkirkara, the police said. Reports said that incident happened in Triq Tumas Galea, with one of the persons involved having been injured by a sharp and pointed weapon. MaltaToday

Lawyers for former police Inspector Jonathan Ferris have requested the recusal of the judge hearing his civil case against the Principal Permanent Secretary and the External Whistleblower unit. The Malta Independent 

The Government Cabinet held its meeting at Mater Dei Hospital as part of its series of meetings in the community. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the health sector has always been equipped by many talented people but was characterised by the mismanagement of this resource. He said today’s results are being experienced by all and this is being felt by patients. TVM

Robots will soon start assisting doctors during surgical operations at Mater Dei Hospital, Health Minister Chris Fearne said on Tuesday. He said the technology would be introduced around next year with Malta being one of the few countries in the EU that would provide this state of the art technology. Times of Malta 

Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi asked whether future generations would only be surrounded with buildings, high-rise buildings, lack of open air spaces and heavy traffic during his homily. Mgr Galea-Curmi was celebrating mass marking the Day for Creation and on the occasion of ending the month dedicated to Creation within the Church at Ta’ Ġieżu in Rabat. The mass was organised by the Church’s Interdiocesan Environment Commission. Newsbook


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