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The amendments to the Education Act, the court case of MV Lifeline, PQs about Egrant inquiry and the downpour which hit Malta during the day and domestic violence are amongst the main issues tackled by journalists today.

Your Evening Roundup presents you the main news from Malta as reported by Malta’s main news portals.

Amendments to the Education Act presented to parliament without consultation will put teachers and the teaching profession under siege, the Malta Union of Teachers charged on Tuesday.  The union said it was strongly against various parts of the bill, not least a clause which will revoke all ‘permanent’ teaching warrants and replace them by new warrants which will be renewed on the basis of continuous professional development and a proficiency test.  “The MUT strongly objects and considers this as the first attack on the profession since teachers were given their professional status in 1988,” the union said. Times of Malta

Lifeline activists are in Valletta this morning to once again protest against the government’s decision to “hold hostage” three rescue ships while Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is happy to tweet about a rescued dog “no less than seven times a day”. The activists are in Valletta as the case against captain Claus-Peter Reisch continues in court today. Reisch, 57, born in Munich Germany, was charged with, as captain of the vessel Lifeline, entering Maltese territorial waters illegally and without proper registration and a licence. The prosecuting officers are also requesting the court to order the confiscation of the ship. Malta Independent  / iNews

The lawyer defending MV Lifeline captain Claus-Peter Reisch has been warned by a magistrate not to hold any more press conferences on the courthouse steps. Before the sitting began, Magistrate Joe Mifsud warned the lawyer not to talk to the press. “If there’s someone in favour of freedom of expression it’s me, but we must be fair and let the courts decide… it’s not fair on the people to give a certain impression when processes are underway.” Cases are to be decided in the courtroom, not in the press, the magistrate saidMaltaToday

The Armed Forces (AFM) successfully rescued five divers who were experiencing difficulties in GozoOne News

Speaker Anġlu Farrugia on Tuesday stood by a ruling he had given at an earlier stage that two parliamentary questions submitted by an Opposition MP were inadmissible. Opposition MP Karol Aquilina had submitted two questions, addressed to the Prime Minister, concerning the Egrant inquiry. The Speaker said on Tuesday that these questions were were non-admissible because they concerned a matter for which the Prime Minister was not answerable to Parliament, and in which he had a private interestTimes of Malta

A substantial number of air departures from Malta had to be postponed while those due to land in the early afternoon were redirected to Catania. According to the Malta International Airport website – which also appears to be experiencing technical problems – no less than five departures have had to be rescheduled. Two flights that were due to arrive had to be redirected to Catania. TVM

There have been 886 cases of domestic violence as of August 2018, roughly translating to 27 cases a week or 4 cases per day, figures published in Parliament have indicated.  The figures, which were provided by Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia when replying to a parliamentary question tabled by PN MP Beppe Fenech Adami, also showed that the locality with the highest amount of cases was St Paul’s Bay, followed closely by Birkirkara (50), Qormi (50), and Marsaskala (48)Malta Independent

A motion has been filed in Parliament by Nationalist Party MPs asking for the revocation of a new legal notice on waste separation, which they say has several shortcomings. PN MPs Jason Azzopardi and Robert Cutajar said that legal notice 296 – which was issued on 20 September and includes domestic waste collection schedules across all local councils – is frought with defects which are “the result of carelessness… and of the failure by the Environment Minister to consult with local councils”. The new rules, which include hefty fines for infringement, are meant to come into effect on 1 November. NET NEWS / MaltaToday/ Illum







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