Tripoli agrees to Putin-Erdogan ceasefire

Libya's UN-recognised Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj a. EPA-EFE/FETHI BELAID / POOL

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Italian news agency ANSA reports that the Presidential Council of the Libyan Government National Agreement (GNA) ” welcomes any call for the resumption of the political process and for removing the spectre of war, in accordance with the Libyan Political Agreement and support for the UN-sponsored Berlin Conference “.

This is stated in a note from the GNA published after yesterday’s meeting in Istanbul between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan in which the two proposed, among other things, “a ceasefire in Libya starting from midnight next Sunday”.

“A solid and stable peace in Libya can only be achieved through a political process conducted and carried out by the Libyans and based on a frank and inclusive dialogue between them ” the two leaders  said in a joint statement at the end of their meeting. The two leaders also noted that ” a military solution to the conflict would only lead to further suffering and deepen the disagreements among the Libyans”.

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