Tribute to Ivan Fenech – Journalist – Asst. editor – Actor

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Ivan Fenech, assistant editor of Times of Malta’s newsroom passed away on Wednesday following a sudden illness.

Mr Fenech fell ill in the newsroom on Tuesday evening before he was hospitalised. He was 55.

Mr Fenech leaves to mourn his wife Katrin, his daughter Kyra, family, friends and all his current and former colleagues at Allied Newspapers and people working in journalism in Malta.

Tributes to Ivan were paid by a number of his colleagues and also by a number of news outlets in Malta.

The Times, made the formal announcement Times of Malta assistant editor Ivan Fenech passes away, highlighting how Fenech was a pivotal part of Malta’s satirical theatre scene.

The Malta Independent, carries an item entitled “Times of Malta colleague, Ahn’ahna jew m’ahniex actor Ivan Fenech dies”

MaltaToday’s Kurt Sansone penned the piece “Have a beer for us up there, Ċukaj”

NetNews Imut Ivan Fenech, Assistent Editur tat-Times

Newsbook Imut Ivan Fenech t’Aħn’aħna jew M’aħniex

TVM: Imut l-Assistent Editur tat-Times of Malta Ivan Fenech

From our end, at Corporate Dispatch, we salute a colleague and a friend, one from Malta, one who formed a part of the ‘people of Malta’, and through his work helped to define what was going on in Malta.

Photo Courtesy: People of Malta

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