Tory rebels warn Johnson that they might cross the House

epa07735113 Boris Johnson holds his acceptance speech after he is announced as the new Conservative party leader at an event in London, Britain, 23 July 2019. Former London mayor and foreign secretary Boris Johnson on 23 July 2019 was announced the winner in the party contest to replace Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party. As the winner, Johnson will also take up the post of Britain's prime minister on 24 July 2019. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

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Boris Johnson faced a grave threat to his control of parliament on Friday as he was warned that Conservative rebels could cross the House of Commons to foil Brexit in the aftermath of a byelection that reduced his working majority to just one MP.

The Guardian reports that overnight, the Liberal Democrats’ Jane Dodds won a crucial by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire by a margin of 1,425, overturning the Tories’ previous majority of more than 8,000.

The result prompted immediate recriminations across the party. Conservative no-deal sceptics warned about the rapidly growing threat the government could face from the reinvigorated Lib Dems, while insiders blamed Theresa May’s administration for choosing a candidate who had already been ousted for expenses fraud.

Dr Phillip Lee, the former justice minister, who first suggested he could quit the party in his own podcast, On the House, told the Guardian he was not alone among colleagues considering defecting or resigning if the government pursued no deal. “I have things to think about over the summer, but it is not just me,” he said.

“There are a number of colleagues who are spending the summer reflecting on what is the right way for them to confront this no-deal scenario. Of course, it is difficult for all of us because we joined the Conservative party, but it has morphed into something a lot different to what I joined in 1992.”

Via The Guardian 

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