Top EU official Sassoli warns no-deal Brexit could be a ‘catastrophe’

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The president of the European Parliament has told Sky News that a no-deal Brexit could be a “catastrophe” and Boris Johnson needs to “feel this responsibility” as the clock ticks towards the deadline for Britain’s EU exit.

Davide Sassoli said it is “painful” to think about such a scenario being realised, as it will “put the UK’s exit in a tunnel from which we don’t know how to come out”.

“There could be problems with economy, security… there could also be a catastrophe,” he said.

He was speaking after holding talks with the prime minister in Downing Street, after which he declared there had been “no progress” towards agreeing a new deal between Britain and the EU ahead of the 31 October deadline.

Sassoli told Sky News that Johnson said to him that he “will not ask for an extension”.

British Premier Johnson welcomes European Parliament President David Sassoli
 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (R) shakes hands with David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament, during a meeting inside number 10 Downing Street in London, U.K., 08 October 2019. EPA-EFE/CHRIS RATCLIFFE / BLOOMBERG / INTERNATIONAL POOL

Via Sky News

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