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Today’s Editorials take a no-nonsense approach towards some of the key challenges affecting Maltese society. In light of recent developments, leading editors highlight the need to go beyond declarations and issue a hard-hitting call for action.

In a hard-hitting editorial, The Times of Malta tackles the brutal reality of femicide, and while acknowledging that there’s suddenly a realization that a significant problem exists in our country, it points out that there seems to be little indication of the kind of long-term response required. The Times’ highlights the fact that femicide – despite being the most violent act involved –  is only one of many examples where women in Malta are vicitimised and threatened, including through obscene and demeaning language aimed at women who dare express their opinions, publicly, including on social media. The Times takes a very bold stance in concluding that femicide is a direct consequence of masculine privilege, and calls for a discussion about what it means to be a man in today’s society, as part of the longer-term solution to protect women.



In-Nazzjon’s Editorial also ties in on this sensitive topic, recalling that no less than 1,200 domestic abuse cases are being reported each year, describing as unacceptable the death of no less than 26 women by their partners since the year 2000. On its part, In-Nazzjon identifies two key problems. First, the increasing alienation of society, which is focused on a rat race towards success, ignoring those suffering in silence. Secondly, it blames the failures of local institutions, such as the Police Force, the Family Court and other agencies such as Appoġġ – accused of receiving several complaints, but barely taking any action.


L-Orizzont chooses to focus on another kind of abuse in today’s Editorial. Recalling the trauma experienced by a number of men abused by members of the clergy in the past, and who are still demanding justice, the Editor brings forward their hope to meet Pope Francis on his announced visit in Malta. In the same vein, the Editor calls for an urgent resolution of these cases so that these victims’ wounds can finally begin to heal.

The Malta Independent and Maltatoday’s Editorials focus instead on local political issues, with the former reiterating the need of a smaller Parliament. Echoing recent proposals brought forward by the Chamber of Commerce, the Independent supports the idea of having less, but full-time employees, arguing that these will be able to function better and produce more. Maltatoday turns its focus on the PN’s woes, describing the recent position taken  by a number of MPs as “an act of reblelliion”, a fatal blow, leading the paper to describe as “absolutely impossible” any ability for the Party’s leader, Adrian Delia, to work towards a national majority. The Editor sees risks in the implosion of the Opposition, calling out both sides in the PN divide to set out clear and concise strategies to provide a way forward for the Party.

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