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Today’s English-language Editorials tackle two social concerns of growing importance – domestic abuse and the raising incidence of cancer. Politics are in focus in their Maltese counterparts.

The Malta Independent continues to follow up on the brutal murder of Chantelle Chetcuti, the umpteenth victim of domestic violence and highlights the need to put in place the proper structures to deal with domestic abuse. It welcomes includes the setting up of a special police unit to support such victims. The Editor points out that fatal events are also a consequence of the fact that often victims are discouraged from reporting or taking any further action against the perpetrators at an early onset of abuse.

The Times of Malta focuses its Editorial on the growing incidence of cancer amongst Maltese citizens, a fact partly compensated by the fact that actual fatalities seem to be decreasing, particularly thanks to better awareness and screening programmes. Cases of cancer are on the increase particularly due to obesity, smoking, alcohol excess, lack of exercise, poor diet and pollution. Of these issues, the Editor focuses on the importance and economic benefit of maintaining good health by appropriate preventive lifestyle measures. In consideration of the high obesity rate prevailing in Malta – which the Editor labels as a national scandal – the Editorial calls for an urgent re-think and further efforts to ensure a life-long healthy lifestyle supported by balanced diets.

L-Orizzont dedicates today’s Editorial to what it describes as the strengthening of the present Government, which has resulted in what it describes as a better quality of life for all. Amongst the most significant achievements, the Editor highlights the current rate of economic growth, the significant increase in foreign direct investment, creation of jobs and the stability in Malta’s financial position.

In-Nazzjon unleashes its Editorial with a scathing depiction of former Minister Konrad Mizzi’s time in power. Describing him as a former Labour star candidate, the Editor argues that every project in which the former Energy and Tourism Minister played a role, more than a whiff of corruption eventually cropped out. This includes the new power station project, the purchase of oil from Azerbaijan and the sale of three hospitals to Vitals.

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