The First Year of Corporate Dispatch

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Today Corporate Dispatch is celebrating it’s first anniversary from it’s launch. Twelve months during which a lot was achieved and even more is planned in the months and years ahead as we continue to strive to improve and give a valuable insight to the world around us.

Jesmond Saliba, Executive Chairman of Corporate ID Group, of which Corporate Dispatch forms part, said that Corporate Dispatch is a unique platform which aggregates news, based on verification of multiple sources. The platform, is supported by the Group’s advisory arm Ci Consulta, which amongst other services provides media monitoring services, intelligence sourcing, geopolitical insights and news analysis. It also complements the group’s strategic corporate communications arm Corporate Identities.  The platform has reached new levels and has a growing number of subscribers and followers through its various multiple channels of outreach.

Tonio Galea, the Editor of Corporate Dispatch and Senior researcher at Corporate ID Group said “At Corporate Dispatch, our main priority is to give an unbiased and informed view of the world around us to help our readers develop an informed opinion with attention to distinct visuals from some of the worlds best photographers through the EPA photo agency.  The main focus is to try and give an all round view of the various aspects of the world around us, with particular attention to the European Union and the Mediterranean region, be it business, travel or otherwise.  The obstacles are not few but with the same dedication we had in our first year we will continue to make every effort to inform the reader when it counts.”

Meanwhile these are some of the most read news since the journey of Corporate Dispatch started one year ago.

International :

Funeral of Julen held – Autopsy confirms that boy died on same day of fall – The first autopsy results on the body of Julen, a two-year-old toddler who fell into a 100-metre deep borehole on January 13, revealed that the boy suffered multiple injuries due to the fall, reported EFE. The body of Julen Roselló presents a “severe traumatic brain injury” and “polytraumatisms compatible with the fall”, according to the preliminary report of the autopsy, as EL MUNDO has confirmed. The body of the boy, who was found dead at dawn on Saturday in the narrow well of Cerro de la Corona (Totalán, Malaga), which he had jumped on last January 13, died the same day of the fall, according to research sources.  

Passenger plane has crashed into the sea after missing the runway – A passenger plane has crashed into the sea after missing the runway of a tiny Pacific island. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft was attempting to land at Chuuk Airport on the remote island of Weno in Micronesia but ditched in a lagoon at about 9.30 am local time (12.30am UK time). Images posted online showed dozens of people on boats surrounding the wreckage as they attempted to rescue those on-board the Air Niugini plane. – 28th September 2018 

Strasbourg attack claims another victim – Polish 36 year old Bartosz Niedzielski Bartosz Niedzielski, a 36-year-old Pole, who was seriously wounded during the attack in Strasbourg, died. The man, was fighting for his life after being shot in the head. Orent-Niedzielski and his Italian friend Antonio Megalizzi had blocked the attacker from entering a concert venue during Tuesday’s assault. When they saw the attacker, they reportedly rushed to stop him. – 16th December 2018 

There is a special kind of love one has for each other when you are experiencing the journey we did – Shannon Doherty on ‘her’ Dylan – From his “Beverly Hills 90210” co-stars to those who worked with him on CW’s “Riverdale,” Perry is being remembered as a guy as seemingly cool as the character who made him famous. Shannen Doherty is devastated over the loss of her castmate and friend Luke Perry. “I am in shock. Heartbroken. Devastated by the loss of my friend. I have so many memories with Luke that make me smile and that are forever imprinted on my heart and mind,” Doherty, 47, exclusively tells PEOPLE about Perry, who died Monday at age 52 after suffering a massive stroke days earlier. 5th March 2019

Digital bank Revolut’s money laundering lapse exposed The Telegraph reports : “One of Britain’s most promising technology startups has been accused of violating basic banking rules by failing to block thousands of potentially suspicious transactions on its platform. – 1st March 2019 

Bus full of students hijacked and torched in Italy – Italian security forces arrested a 47-year-old man  after allegedly hijacking a bus he was driving  full of schoolchildren and subsequently starting a fire inside the vehicle. The suspect has been named as Ousseynou Sy, a man who is originally from Senegal but has been an Italian citizen since 2004. – 20th March 2019 

Video emerges of the conditions on board the Viking Sky – As the evacuation of the passengers aboard the Viking Sky off the coast of Norway is still ongoing, video footage has emerged of the conditions onboard the cruise liner. The Viking Sky cruise ship issued a Mayday call when bad weather hit on Saturday and engine problems caused it to start drifting towards the rocky shore. Norwegian Police  said the crew, fearing that the ship would run aground, managed to anchor so that evacuations could take place. – 24th March 2019

Most Brexit related Item Read: 

In November, we witnessed the first of a series of D-Days on Brexit. On November 13th we had the culmination of the talks between Europe and the UK, where a ‘Deal’ was reached. So far the deal has not been ratified. We tried to keep you informed with all the developments on Brexit throughout the whole saga.

Most Historical Item Read: 

10th June 1981 – Alfredino Rampi disappearance after tragically falling in a well. The day Italian Live News Coverage was born. – It was the evening of June 10, 1981 when the father of little Alfredo, 6, called the police alarmed because his son had not returned home. Then, the tragic discovery: the child had fallen into an artesian well in Vermicino, near Rome. The news was announced on June 11th: the date when an exhausting and useless rush to save him began.


Customs make major drug haul at Malta Freeport (Updated)

Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder masterminds identified

UPDATED: 35 year old Serbian arraigned in connection with Hugo Chetcuti stabbing. Relatives say the worst is over

Most opinion piece read:

Opinion: Teachers lose, every time – Dr. Michelle Attard Tonna – Respect was the general plea of the teachers. For the last three days, as soon as news of the strike hit the headlines, a torrent of verbal abuse was hurled at teachers, even by the same parents whose children are taught, cared for, loved and nurtured by teachers. It was generally taken that teachers do not need to strike, that they misunderstood the Education Act and that this was a partisan, anti-PL move to create unrest in the country. Teachers found themselves explaining why they felt a strike was necessary, justifying their work, the need to maintain standards in teacher preparation and qualification, the amount of time they spend in non-contact hours for marking and preparation, and the amount of continuing professional development they attend regularly to remain abreast with educational developments. Every teacher and every educator in my newsfeed was expressing disappointment at the way they were being regarded and treated by society – essentially, it all boiled down to them creating a problem should they not turn up to work on Monday morning, and very little, if any, concern was being expressed at the real issue at hand. Many people did not even understand what the teachers were protesting about, or failed to understand, as explanations were aplenty. – 6th October 2018 

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