Thousands of Italians fast in support for Salvini

epa08084888 Lega party's Secretary Matteo Salvini deliveres his speech during the Federal Congress in Milan, Italy, 21 December 2019. In his speech, Salvini said 'the goal of the party is to return to the government of the country'. EPA-EFE/MATTEO BAZZI

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Some 5,000 Italians on Tuesday fasted in support of League leader Matteo Salvini after a Senate panel voted to send him to trial for allegedly kidnapping some 100 migrants on board a coast guard ship last July.

ANSA reports Salvini saying “I thank you because there are 5,000 Italian women and men who are fasting today, who are giving up their breakfast, lunch and dinner as a sign of sympathy and protest.”

“It will do me good, perhaps TV chat show host Lili Gruber will stop saying I’ve got a big belly”. “Today I’m fasting in the name of an Italy which must have the right to defend its borders, its jobs, its culture, its beauty, its history, itself security and its identity,” said the populist strongman. “Because for me blocking clandestine immigration was not a right but a duty.

“If that is a crime for the (ruling centre-left Democratic Party) PD and for some judges, try me and arrest me”.


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