“This is Trump First, Not America First”

epa08160412 House impeachment manager Adam Schiff (2-L), with House impeachment managers Jason Crow (L), Jerry Nadler (R) and Sylvia Garcia (2-R), responds to a question from the news media prior to the impeachment trial in the US Capitol in Washington, DC, USA, 24 January 2020. The House impeachment managers will conclude their case for removing President Trump during the third day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of US President Donald J. Trump. EPA-EFE/SHAWN THEW

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House Democrats leading the impeachment trial of President Trump wrapped up their opening arguments Friday night with an emotional warning to the Senate and the country beyond: A failure to remove Trump from office would pose a long-term threat to America’s very democracy.

New York Times reports “The House impeachment managers concluded their arguments against President Trump on Friday with a forceful plea for the Senate to call witnesses, while portraying his pressure campaign on Ukraine as part of a dangerous pattern of Russian appeasement that demanded his removal from office.

Ending their three-day presentation in the Senate, the president’s Democratic prosecutors summoned the ghosts of the Cold War and the realities of geopolitical tensions with Russia to argue that Mr. Trump’s abuse of power had slowly shredded delicate foreign alliances to suit his own interests.”

Adam B. Schiff of California, the lead House Manager was quoted saying:

“This is Trump first, not America first, not American ideals first.”

The Hill reports Schiff saying that “Whether you like the president, or dislike the president, is immaterial. It’s all about the Constitution and his misconduct.

“What matters is whether he is a danger to the country, because he will do it again. And none of us can have confidence, based on his record, that he will not do it again because he is telling us everyday that he will.”

“Does anybody really question whether the president is capable of what he is charged with? No one is really making the argument, ‘Donald Trump would never do such a thing,’” Schiff argued. “Because of course, we know that he would. And of course, we know that he did.”

Via The Hill / New York Times

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