Think the heatwave was bad? Climate already hitting key tipping points

epaselect epa07739972 A stand shows air and the water temperatures at the beach at Blokhus packed with visitors enjoying the water of the North Sea, in Blokhus, North Jutland, Denmark, 25 July 2019. EPA-EFE/Henning Bagger DENMARK OUT

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As Europe just went through one of the worst heatwaves on record and other parts of the world are suffering adverse effects of the climate, Reuters correspondent Matthew Green writes that with study-after-study showing climate impacts from extreme weather to polar melt and sea level rise outstripping initial forecasts, negotiators have a fast-closing window to try to turn the aspirations agreed in Paris into meaningful outcomes.

Green speaks to Sue Reid, vice-president of climate and energy at Ceres, a U.S. non-profit group that works to steer companies and investors onto a more sustainable path, who adds that this is a crucial period of time both for public officials and the private sector to really reverse the curve on emissions.

Green adds that as the diplomatic offensive intensifies, the latest scientific studies have offered negotiators scant comfort.  Given the uncertain prospects for international cooperation to stabilize the climate on which life on earth depends, some are starting to steel themselves for the unraveling of the world they once knew.

Green quotes U.S. author Roy Scranton, in an April essay in MIT Technology Review, where he said, “Revolution or collapse — in either case, the good life as we know it is no longer viable.”


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