The World Conference of Families in Verona continues to cause controversy

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The World Conference of Families in Verona, Italy, continues to cause controversy. The international gathering has been criticised for promoting an anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-feminism agenda and the controversies around it are not abating.

The event, which opened Friday and runs until Sunday, has seen the parties supporting Premier Giuseppe Conte’s government take up very different positions and with the government recently withdrawing the conference of its sponsorship.

The latest controversy concerns the distribution by one of the sponsors of the meeting of a rubber 10-week foetus, tagged “abortion stops a beating heart” which caused disagreement even among some of the officials at the WCF.

The 13th international conference of the World Congress of Families (WCF) began on Friday in the prestigious Gran Guardia Palace.

The WCF is a US coalition that promotes the values of the Christian right. Its three-day conference in Verona is funded by the local authority and has the backing of the far-right League, a partner in Italy’s coalition government but not of the other coalition member, the 5 Star Movement.



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