The Update – Italy to review its infrastructure concession system
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Italy’s Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli said on Monday that the country would review its infrastructure concession system on a case-by-case basis to determine whether to nationalise some of them or renegotiate the contracts.

“This government will do all it can to completely revise the concessions system and the contract obligations,” Toninelli said in testimony to a joint meeting of parliament’s transport committees.

In his opening speech, Toninelli said “It is unacceptable a tragedy like this that could and should be avoided happened.This is the moment of solidarity and cohesion, in which we all have a duty to tighten around Genoa with one goal: to return as soon as possible the lost everyday life, to make clarity on the causes of the collapse of the Morandi bridge and identify the responsibilities of this tragedy, giving full confidence and support to the complex work of the Magistracy “.

According to the minister, “the collapse of Genoa is not due to a tragic accident, but it is an event that dramatically confirms what this government and this ministry have supported since their inauguration.” In the programmatic lines we wrote it clearly: the first truly great work of which this country needs is an imposing and organic plan of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our territory and of our existing infrastructures “.


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