The MOD ramps up Operation Redfold: The troop deployments in an event of no deal

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The British government has confirmed that a military operations centre based in the Ministry of Defence will coordinate deployments of any troops required to help with emergencies that might arise from a no-deal Brexit situation.

The MOD’s no-deal Brexit preparations are known by the codename Operation Redfold. Government-wide contingency plans have been dubbed Operation Yellowhammer.

Any requests for military assistance will be considered by the MOD under standard U.K. government “military aid to civil authorities” methods, and will require ministerial authorization.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson had said in December that 3,500 troops would be on standby to assist any government departments with no deal “contingencies.”

Responding to reports in the Sun and on Sky News that operations will be co-ordinated from a secure bunker in Whitehall, an MOD spokesperson said the department was “willing to support wider government planning for any scenario.”

With Theresa May’s Brexit deal still not approved by the House of Commons with eight days to go until the U.K.’s scheduled departure, a no-deal exit — which is expected to cause significant disruption at ports — remains a real prospect.

Via Politico

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