The European Parliament approves strengthening of Frontex

epa06342100 A View of the new European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, 21 November 2017. Frontex helps manage the EU's external borders, ensuring their security, and carrying out regular risk analyses and assessments. The agency's budget is to grow from 281 million Euros (349 million US dollars) in 2017 to 322 million Euros (377 million US dollars) in 2020. EPA-EFE/JAKUB KAMINSKI POLAND OUT

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The European Parliament adopted the proposal, piloted and negotiated by Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola, to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard Agency with a standing corps of 10,000 border guards by 2027.

The agency will also have a stronger mandate on returns and will cooperate more closely with non-EU countries, including those beyond the EU’s immediate neighbourhood.

This reinforcement will give the Agency the right level of ambition to respond to the common challenges facing Europe in managing migration and its external borders.
The force will be made up of border guards and coast guards from the agency and personnel sent on an obligatory basis from EU countries.

The agency will be tasked with monitoring migration flows, monitor external border management by Member States and verify the capacity and preparation for dealing with possible threats, to provide assistance for repatriation and search and rescue operations at sea, and to assist states with rapid intervention in the case of ”specific and disproportionate challenges”.

The law will now have to be officially approved by the European Council prior to entering into effect 20 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.

Via The European Commission



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