The day the Berlin Wall came down

epa01903707 (FILE) A file picture dated 10 November 1989, shows West Berliners chipping away at the Berlin Wall, Germany. Shortly after a press statement by Guneter Schabowski, then spokesman for the GDR government, to open the inner German border crossing points in the evening of 09 November 1989, tens of thousands of GDR citizens flocked to the border crossing points, which finally had to be opened the same night. Millions of GDR citizens visited West Berlin and West Germany after this event. The construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13 August 1961; it fell on 09 November 1989. Photo: DPA EPA/A9999 DB DPA

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Deutsche Welle correspondent Marcel Fürstenau gives a look at the events and aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

Fürstenau states that the Cold War, a global power struggle between dictatorship and democracy, ended in Berlin on November 9, 1989. The course of history, however, was set in motion by decisive events outside the country long before that.

In his detailed examination of the events, Fürstenau goes through the ‘magic’ of glasnost and perestroika; Gorbachev inspiration to Eastern Europeans; how Communism’s grip first broke in Poland and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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