Thailand to demand proof of health insurance for ‘risky’ long-term visitors

epa07839081 Tourists walk outside the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, 13 September 2019. Thailand's strong currency has hurt tourism and exports, resulting in the weakening of the country's economy. The Thai Baht has strengthened more than six percent against the US dollar in the first eight months of 2019 and is Asia's best performing currency according to data analysts. EPA-EFE/DIEGO AZUBEL

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Reuters reports that foreigners in the “risky” over-50 age group will have to present proof of health insurance when applying for Thai long-term non-immigrant visas, a minister said on Wednesday, so the government doesn’t have to pick up their medical bills.

The rule takes effect at the end of the month to ensure the visitors can afford treatment during a maximum one-year stay and the government does not have to foot the bill, said Sathit Pitutecha, deputy minister of public health.

Thailand currently has to pay around 500 million baht ($16.49 million) a year in medical bills for foreigners over 50, he said, an age group the government describes as “risky”.

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