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The Maltese Newspapers report that the Malta Financial Services Authority said that Ali Sadr Hasheminejad’s arrest in the US “immediately compromised” Pilatus Bank’s entire operation and made it “fall foul of a myriad of provisions”. The authority’s reaction came after an attempt by the bank’s directors to regain control, insisting the gravity of the situation warranted all the measures taken.

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Northern Ireland might get joint UK, EU status

According to Reuters the United Kingdom is considering attempting to break the deadlock in Brexit negotiations with a proposal to give Northern Ireland joint UK and European Union status so it can trade freely with both.

The indications are that the Government has considered proposing a 16 kilometre wide trade buffer zone along the border for local traders like dairy farmers after the UK leaves the EU.… Be Informed

Reactions to Trump’s announcement on withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal


UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he is deeply concerned by the US decision to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal, and calls on all other parties to fully abide by deal’s commitments. “It is essential that all concerns regarding the implementation of the Plan be addressed through the mechanisms established in the JCPOA,” he said.… Be Informed

First official photos of Prince Louis released, via twitter


prince louis.jpg

It had to be original. It had to use modern technology. It had to reflect love and affection. It had to reflect intimacy. At the same time it had to represent innocence.

It might sound a tall order, but the first official photos of Britain’s newest royal, Prince Louis, and his big sister, Princess Charlotte, which have been shared by Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge achieved all this. … Be Informed

Alfie Evans still breathing despite termination of life support.

SKY News reports that the father of Alfie Evans, Tom said doctors were “gobsmacked” his 23-month-old son was still breathing eleven hours after his life support ended.

Mr Evans said it became obvious he was breathing “within a few minutes” of life-support being withdrawn on Monday night, although doctors re-intervened after he asked them to help.… Be Informed

Alfie Evans granted Italian citizenship


Italy on Monday gave Italian citizenship to terminally ill British toddler Alfie Evans so that he can hopefully be “immediately” moved to Italy from Liverpool, where doctors are set to pull the plug on him, the foreign ministry said. “Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano and Interior Minister Marco Minniti have granted citizenship to little Alfie,” the ministry said.… Be Informed

CNN: David Cameron says he doesn’t regret calling Brexit referendum

Cameron.jpegCNN: Former British Prime Minister David Cameron says he doesn’t regret calling a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union — but wishes the result had gone the other way.

“I made a promise to the British people — I kept that promise,” he told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in his first major broadcast interview since resigning in 2016, to mark the release of a report on development in fragile states by a committee he co-chairs.

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Ofcom investigating RT


The United Kingdom launched an investigation on a series of programmes aired by Russian TV, RT.

Ofcom is in fact examining instances where Kremlin-backed news channel potentially breached UK broadcast laws on impartiality. Ofcom said it had monitored RT intensively since the news became public and was now examining a number of instances in which the channel potentially breached broadcast laws on impartiality.… Be Informed

Air Strikes on Syria. What we know so far UPDATED

DE SYRIA.jpgUS President Trump ordered a military attack against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday, joining allies Britain and France in launching missile strikes in retaliation for what Western nations said was the deliberate gassing of Syrian civilians.

Corporate Dispatch in collaboration with Diplomatique.Expert is following the developments as they unfold.Be Informed

Hillary Clinton: Don’t let Brexit undermine Ireland’s peace

hillary clintonHillary Clinton – Twenty years ago, the Good Friday/Belfast agreement helped bring an end to decades of conflict and violence in Northern Ireland. It was a watershed moment – the result of diplomatic efforts within the halls of government and extraordinary actions of ordinary women and men who reached across longstanding and bitter divides.… Be Informed

Russia 2018 : To be or not to be. That is the question !

Diplomatique.Expert member Charles Camenzuli writes about boycotts in the 88 year history of the World Cup. 

Fifa World Cup2014 was an Olympic year for Russia with Sochi hosting the Winter Olympics. Post Sochi2014 brought up tremors in a foreseen earthquake which has put Russia’s credibility in our world of sport in a rather delicate situation.… Be Informed

Russia and UK’s future foreign policies post Salisbury

orosz-brit-zászló-620x350Sergei Scripal’s and his daughter’s poisoning came as a bolt out of the blue, barely a week before Russia’ deadweight presidential election. Russia has been adopting an emboldened projection of its power over the past years, however this was particularly brazen.… Be Informed