Spanish driver tests positive on all drugs for which he was tested

Euronews reports that police stopped a car in northeastern Spain, after its driver tested positive on all drugs of the check: cannabis, amphetamines/methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates; as well as alcohol, with a rate of 0,60 mg/l.The town of Carcastillo was celebrating religious festivities when on Saturday, a neighbour called the police saying that “several people were getting in a vehicle influenced by alcoholic beverages”, the local police told Euronews.… Be Informed

Merkel & Sanchez discuss fair distribution of migrants across the EU

DW reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants across the EU. She also spoke out against racism during a press conference in Spain after a working lunch on Saturday with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Both advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants — an approach they intend to promote at next month’s EU summit in Austria.… Be Informed

Friday Morning Briefing

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Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Opposition leader Adrian Delia has presented an application before the Constitutional Court seeking a complete copy of the Egrant inquiry report

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Thursday Morning Briefing


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Your morning briefing brings you some of the main news reported by the Newspapers in Malta, the latest from the major news agencies in Europe and the World and the stories which hit the headlines in the past 24 hours from the Mediterranean, Europe, the Middle East and the World, spanning from Italy to Canada, looking into Spain and Malaysia, the UK and China.… Be Informed

European high temperature record of 48 degrees Celsius expected this week

CNN: Forecasters have warned of potentially record-breaking temperatures in Spain and Portugal this week as much of Europe swelters in a heat wave that has left some farmers suffering drought conditions.

The UK Met Office said parts of the Iberian peninsula could beat the all-time continental European record of 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, with inland areas likely to be hotter than the coast.… Be Informed

EU expected to publish migration proposals policy changes today

The Financial Times reports that Brussels will offer EU governments €6,000 for every migrant they take in from boats stranded in the Mediterranean, in plans designed to help ease pressure on Italy’s new anti-immigration government.

The European Commission will publish proposals on Tuesday on how to stem the flow of migrants coming into Europe.… Be Informed

Sunday Morning Briefing

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The conclusion of the Egrant inquiry dominates the front pages of the Maltese newspapers. The developments in the US following a hostage situation in Los Angeles is currently the most viewed item in the world.

Our Sunday morning briefing brings you a digest of the happenings that characterised the headlines as reported by the newspapers, news websites and agencies from Malta, Europe and around the world in the past hours.… Be Informed

Open Arms boat docks in Spain

Euronews: A boat belonging to Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms has docked in Spain carrying a woman rescued from the wreckage of a dinghy off the coast of Libya.

The survivor, a Cameroonian woman named Josefa, was suffering from hypothermia when she was found alongside the bodies of another woman and a young boy.The NGO has accused Libyan authorities of abandoning the three at sea when it rescued 158 other migrants from the dinghy on Monday (July 16) night.… Be Informed

Pablo Casado, 37, succeeds ousted former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy as leader os the Spanish conservative Popular Party

AFP: Spain’s conservative Popular Party (PP) on Saturday picked Pablo Casado, 37, to replace Mariano Rajoy after the former prime minister was ousted in a no-confidence vote in June. Casado’s rival for the top job, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, told journalists she was conceding the race ahead of the official result announcement after PP deputies cast their ballots in Madrid.… Be Informed