Salvini orders change of ‘parent 1 and parent 2’ to ‘mother’ – ‘father’

Ansa: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Friday said he has ordered to change “parent 1” and “parent 2” into “mother” and “father” on forms to get an electronic identity card on his ministry’s website.

Speaking to online Catholic daily La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Salvini said: “I was told that on the interior ministry’s website, forms for an electronic identity card had “parent 1” and “parent 2″‘.… Be Informed

Police in Rome cleared nearly 400 people from camp inhabited by minority ROMA community

Guardian: Police in Rome have cleared nearly 400 people, including dozens of children, from a camp inhabited for years by members of the minority Roma community, despite an EU court ruling halting demolition.

Residents stood outside the camp with mattresses and other belongings piled alongside vehicles, some protesting against the move with chants of “racists!”

Some complained that police used force during the eviction, however the police commander, Antonio Di Maggio, denied the claims.… Be Informed

Italy doesn’t need EU’s charity on migrants – Salvini

ANSA: Italy doesn’t need “charity” from the EU on migrants, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Tuesday.

“If they want to give money to someone else let them do so, Italy doesn’t need charity,” he said in reference to a Financial Times report that the EU proposes paying 6,000 euros for every migrants rescued in the Mediterranean and received by one of the EU’s member States.… Be Informed

The Saturday Morning Briefing

Good morning,

He came, he disrupted, he conquered. Or not? For sure he conquered the headlines.

In a nutshell that’s the essence of Trump’s visit to the UK impact. However back home in the US, news broke out of the indictment of Russians for hacking his opponent in the Presidency election.… Be Informed

Salvini prepares for political-football mission to Russia as he indicates his hope that France won’t make it to the World Cup final

The Local: Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says he plans to go to Moscow this weekend to combine a visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin with the World Cup final.

Salvini said he was preparing for a “political-football mission” to Russia the following weekend.… Be Informed

Salvini vows to stop foreign naval ships from docking in Italian ports

DW: Italy’s hardline Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, vowed on Sunday to stop foreign naval vessels that have saved migrants in the Mediterranean Sea from docking in Italian ports, extending a ban first placed on ships chartered by charities.

Foreign naval ships participating in European Union and NATO-sponsored search-and-rescue missions transfer many migrants to land at Italian ports.… Be Informed

Italian authorities should seize League funds “wherever they may be” until it has recouped some €49 million of public money received by the party’s former leader and convicted fraudster, Italy’s supreme court has ruled

The Local:  In a ruling on Tuesday, the Court of Cassation recommended a “blanket” seizure of funds from the hard-right party’s bank accounts, deposits and other assets in connection with the fraud case against its founder Umberto Bossi, his son Renzo and ex-treasurer Francesco Belsito.… Be Informed

Macron in favour of sanctions against EU countries which refuse to accept migrants

France 24: French President Emmanuel Macron came out Saturday in support of financial sanctions against EU countries which refuse to accept migrants.

“We can not have countries that benefit hugely from EU solidarity and claim national self-interest when it comes to the issue of migrants,” he said at a press conference in Paris alongside Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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History repeats itself as a second vessel is rejected from docking – just days after the Aquarius was stranded for a week.  This issue is the dominant story in Malta’s papers and Italian news sites.

Lifeline>>The Times reported that Spain offered humanitarian help in the Mediterranean migration crisis for the second time in as many weeks as a vessel carrying 239 immigrants entered Maltese waters.

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Fresh controversy for Matteo Salvini as he claims that 10 mandatory vaccines are useless, in many cases dangerous, if not harmful

Corriere Della Sera Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, opens a new front. This time, interviewed by Radio Studio 54, he said that ” 10 mandatory vaccines are useless, in many cases dangerous if not harmful”.

This led to an immediate reaction from respected Professor Burioni who tweeted “No, Minister Salvini. … Be Informed

Italy’s government in fresh rows with France and Spain

A new day, a new controversy.

Italy said it will seize two migrant rescue ships in the Mediterranean, amid a deepening row over migrants. Two German NGO ships carrying migrants “will be seized” to determine their legal status.

The move comes as French President Emmanuel Macron attacked the “leprosy” of anti-EU feeling, angering Italy’s new populist government.Be Informed

In Italy, two Malian refugees shot with compressed-air pistols by three Italians who shouted “Salvini, Salvini”

Two non-EU citizens have been injured, albeit not seriously, in Caserta when three young Italian men shot them with a compressed-air pistol while shouting “Salvini, Salvini”. According to the story reported on Corriere.It the two Malian youths are refugees.

TgCom reports that the event dates back to 11 June but was denounced only today by the Social Center Ex Canapificio, an association that manages the Sprar project together with the Rut Community of the Ursuline Sisters and Caritas. … Be Informed