Insight: The political implications of the change of the Church’s position on Death Penalty

Based on reports from CNN and the Catholic News and Catholic News Agency

The Vatican changed on Thursday the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the permissibility of the death penalty, which the Church has taught is legitimate in limited cases, stating the penalty is ‘inadmissible,’ and its elimination should be sought.… Be Informed

Breaking News: Pope Francis announces important change in Church teachings (Updated)

AP: Pope Francis has changed the Catholic Church teachings on death penalty. In an announcement he said that the death penalty is always inadmissible as it goes against human dignity.

Building on the development of Catholic Church teaching against capital punishment, Pope Francis apart from ordering a revision of the Catechism of the Catholic Church he also stated that the Church will commit the church to working toward its abolition worldwide.… Be Informed

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras declared 3 days of national mourning as at least 79 were killed in the forest fires near Athens (UPDATED)

AP:  Rescue crews were searching Wednesday through charred homes and cars for those still missing after the deadliest wildfires to hit Greece in decades decimated seaside areas near Athens, killing at least 79 people and sending thousands fleeing.

There was no official indication as to how many people might be missing, and some took to social media and Greek television stations with appeals for information on their loved ones.… Be Informed

Pope Francis invites 250 poor for lunch

Pope Francis celebrated Sts Peter and Paul feast doing what he loves doing best. His freshly-minted Cardinal-Almoner Krajewski asked by Pope Francis to invite 250 of Rome’s poor to have lunch with him at the Vatican canteen.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 17.04.51.png

Earlier  in his homily on Friday, Pope Francis urged Christians not to be a stumbling block in the path of Christ, the Anointed One, whose glory cannot be separated from his cross.… Be Informed

Defend the dignity of the poor – Pope Francis to new cardinals

AP: Pope Francis gave the Catholic Church 14 new cardinals Thursday, exhorting them to resist any temptation toward haughtiness and instead embrace “the greatest promotion” they could hope to obtain: tending to those neglected or cast aside by society.

Among those receiving the cardinals’ biretta — a crimson-red square cap with three ridges — was his point man for helping Rome’s homeless and poor.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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History repeats itself as a second vessel is rejected from docking – just days after the Aquarius was stranded for a week.  This issue is the dominant story in Malta’s papers and Italian news sites.

Lifeline>>The Times reported that Spain offered humanitarian help in the Mediterranean migration crisis for the second time in as many weeks as a vessel carrying 239 immigrants entered Maltese waters.

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Pope Francis meeting the world’s largest ecumenical community of Protestant and Orthodox churches


Vatican City (AFP) – Pope Francis will seek deeper relations between the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths on Thursday while meeting the world’s largest ecumenical community of Protestant and Orthodox churches amid waning influence in Europe and indiscriminate attacks on worshippers elsewhere.… Be Informed

Pope Francis criticised Trump’s administration policy of separating migrant families – “Populism is not the solution”.

Pope Francis has criticised the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families at the Mexican border, saying populism is not the answer to the world’s immigration problems.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters  the Pope said he supported recent statements by U.S.… Be Informed

Corporate Dispatch Sunday’s Morning Briefing

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Our Sunday Morning Brief takes you around the globe. Wishing you a good day. Thanks for joining.

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Newspaper-Review-3254639422-1525074685113-1-263313097-1526198440299Amongst various stories, the Maltese stories lead their papers with a variety of stories covering a number of events and issues.

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‘Abortion of sick children is a Nazi technique but done using white gloves’ Pope Francis

Vatican City: A world guided by self-centred logic has lost the sense of stable bonds. This makes it difficult to understand the value of the family. Civil institutions should rather work toward providing families with adequate support. Those who have learned “to live authentic relationships within the family” will also live them in other contexts in society.Be Informed

Wednesday’s Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Singapore, via UK;  the Aquarius issue; the diplomatic rifts between Malta, Italy and France (so far), the USA-North Korea summit are some of the things which hit the news in the past 24 hours. But there were other things which happened around us.… Be Informed

Pope Francis hopes Singapore summit will lead to Peace

Reuters – Pope Francis said on Sunday he hoped a forthcoming summit in Singapore between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will lead to peace for Korea.

“I want, once more, to offer the beloved people of Korea an especial thought of friendship and prayer that the talks which will take place in the coming days in Singapore can contribute to the development of a positive path that guarantees a peaceful future for the Korean peninsula and for the whole world,” the pope said in his regular Sunday address.… Be Informed

Pope Francis says oil companies should convert to clean fuel

Meeting the energy needs of everyone on Earth, must be done in ways that avoid creating environmental imbalances resulting in deterioration and pollution gravely harmful to our human family, both now and in the future.

Vatican News reports while addressing participants in a Vatican conference dedicated to “Energy Transition and Care for our Common Home”,  Pope Francis said “civiliazation requires energy but energy use must not destroy civilization”.… Be Informed

Morning Briefing – 1st June ’18

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Unfortunately today’s morning briefing starts on a sad note as all media portals in Malta report the news of a male cyclist who was killed after he was hit early on Friday morning by a driver just past the new Kappara flyover.… Be Informed

Pope Francis denounces culture of abuse and coverup in the Catholic Church

The Guardian reports that through comments made in a pastoral letter to the Chilean faithful on the eve of another weekend he will spend listening to victims of Chile’s ‘most notorious predator pries’, Pope Francis has become the first pope to publicly denounce a “culture of abuse and cover-up” in the Catholic church.… Be Informed

Pope Francis sends Maltese Archbishop Charles Scicluna and Father Jordi Bertomeu on a new mission in Chile

Pope Francis is sending his two top sexual abuse investigators back to Chile to gather more information about the crisis that has hit the Catholic Church there, the Vatican said on Thursday.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna of Malta and Father Jordi Bertomeu, a Vatican official, will concentrate on the diocese of Osorno in southern Chile, seat of a bishop who has been most caught up in the scandal.… Be Informed