Pablo Casado, 37, succeeds ousted former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy as leader os the Spanish conservative Popular Party

AFP: Spain’s conservative Popular Party (PP) on Saturday picked Pablo Casado, 37, to replace Mariano Rajoy after the former prime minister was ousted in a no-confidence vote in June. Casado’s rival for the top job, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, told journalists she was conceding the race ahead of the official result announcement after PP deputies cast their ballots in Madrid.… Be Informed

Inisght: Populism and the political landscape in Europe

PEW Research Centre : Populist movements have gained ground in many Western European countries, from the United Kingdom’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union to Italy’s formation of a populist government this spring. A new Pew Research Center report explores the attitudes that underlie some of these movements, based on interviews with more than 16,000 adults in eight Western European nations.… Be Informed

The Wednesday Morning Briefing

Good morning

The successful rescue operation in Thailand ended successfully, highlighting a number of ‘human traits’ that at times are overshadowed by the dullness of other happenings around us. This dominated most of ‘the expectations’ from news feeds around the world after a day dominated by expectations about who was about to resign next from Theresa May’s cabinet.… Be Informed

The political innuendos in the lyrics of this year’s Eurovision song contest


The Irish Times reports that after a year when politics threatened to engulf the Eurovision Song Contest, the sabre-rattling is quieter in 2018, but European and global events are still finding their way into the annual songfest. Last year’s contest, held in Kyiv, hit the headlines when Ukrainian authorities banned the Russian singer, Julia Samoylova, from entering the country because she had previously performed in the disputed region of Crimea.… Be Informed

Malta | Sunday NewsPapers Review – April 29th

Newspaper Review

Sunday Paper’s Review prepared by Jesmond Saliba

Malta Today – MaltaToday reports that <<Alert of risk Pilatus posed to Malta came in May 2016>>. Matthew Vella reports that ‘a stark warning on Pilatus Bank and its business model of ‘secrecy’ for politically exposed persons (PEPs) was spelt out clearly by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) in a hard-hitting letter from former director Manfred Galdes which copy was provided to the Malta Financial Services Authority’s director of enforcement Anton Bartolo.Be Informed

What’s next for Italy after links between politicians and mafia were confirmed in court?


On Friday, a Palermo court found guilty former heads of the ROS security police Mario Mori, Giuseppe De Donno and Antonio Subranni, former Forza Italia Senator and Berlusconi aide Marcello Dell’Utri, and Mafia bosses Leoluca Bagarella and Nino Cinà for holding talks between the Italian State and the Sicilian Mafia aimed at stopping a wave of bombings in the early 1990s.… Be Informed