Tuesday Morning Briefing

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With every news cycle, a number of events take place. Your media briefing is intended to present you a snapshot of the main events of the past 24 hours through a review of over 30 news portals and agencies from Malta, Mediterranean, Europe  and the rest of the world.… Be Informed

Thursday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Washington, from Pakistan to Brussels, from Syria to France, from Italy to Mars and back…  here are the main news as reported by main news outlets around the world.


eGRant UpdateThe Egrant Publication Inquiry aftermath entered its third day with the significant highlights being the request from the PN leader for the publication of the entire document, the Attorney General’s refusal and the reiterated commitment by the Prime Minister of having it published. 

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Egrant Inquiry (Updated)

Simon Busuttil reacts


The former PN leader, in a Facebook post said that his position remains the same and he will be keeping his fight for justice even without Delia’s support.


Administrative Council of the PN backs Leader Adrian Delia’s call to Simon Busuttil to suspend himself 

The Malta Independent: The Nationalist Party administrative council this evening expressed its full support to party leader Adrian Delia and called upon former leader Simon Busuttil to step down.… Be Informed

Wednesday Morning Briefing

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Matteo Salvini denounces photos of people stranded at sea by Libya as fake after being accused that this is a result of his action.

Donald Trump blames his ‘phonetics’ and ‘grammar’ for being understood correct on something he didn’t actually want to say.… Be Informed

The Thursday Morning Briefing

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From the NATO summit to the World Cup, here are the most salient news reported by news outlets and which we think are worth knowing of.

Nato Summit (1)NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said: “We don’t accept his legal annexation of Crimea, we don`t accept cyber propaganda, interference in domestic political processes. 

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The Wednesday Morning Briefing

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The successful rescue operation in Thailand ended successfully, highlighting a number of ‘human traits’ that at times are overshadowed by the dullness of other happenings around us. This dominated most of ‘the expectations’ from news feeds around the world after a day dominated by expectations about who was about to resign next from Theresa May’s cabinet.… Be Informed

Monday Morning Briefing

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The rescue operation currently underway in Thailand dominated most of the international news outlets agenda. However during the past hours Theresa May’s latest setback  on Brexit, with the resignation of her chief negotiator, the death of a woman exposed to the Novichok nerve agent and Japan’s torrential rains also took their share of headlines.… Be Informed

Newspapers’ Review – Thursday 31st May 2018

The Malta Business Weekly reports that the latest European Commission’s annual Justice Scoreboard show that while there is progress, the country is still lagging. The reports argues that government went overboard in praising the improvements registered. In another story, we read that the Polish crypto currency exchange BitBay is moving to Malta because it can’t open a bank account in Poland.… Be Informed

Editor Perspectives – Thursday 17th May 2018


The editorial in today’s The Times takes the cue from the newspapers frontpage article and calls for the setting up of a “robust safety net” to protect police officers and their families from the dangers of duty. The editorial <<Tribute to loyal police officers>> argues that men and women in the police force are frequent victims of violence and they deserve concrete action and special legislation to safeguard them in their daily confrontation with crime and offence.… Be Informed

Editor Perspectives – Wednesday 16th May 2018

The Times editorial entitled << Justice in a reasonable time>> refers to  the comments by the new Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi who referred to the workload factor at his inaugural sitting last week. “Since there is so much work to be done, we cannot waste time,” he said, attribut- ing the ever-growing load of cases before the Superior Court of Appeal to various reasons.… Be Informed

Malta Newspapers Review – Monday 14th May 2018


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Today’s Newspaper Review follows.


The Times’ main story <<’Mafia-linked’ gaming firm operated with no licence>> focuses on a revelatino by the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), which is part of the Daphne Project and which states that a gaming company with Mafia links continued to operate from Malta despite having its licence cancelled by the regulator.… Be Informed

Malta News Paper Review – 12th May 2018


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Today’s newspaper’s main stories review follow.


L-Orizzont and The Malta Independent dedicate stories from their Front Page on proposals done by the General Workers Union vis-a-vis the rental market. Entitled <<Il-GWU bi proposti dwar il-kirjiet f’pajjiżna>> and <<GWU calls for fiscal incentives and criminal offences for tenants in rental market proposals>> respectively, the stories report that the GWU will propose that tentants of rendal properties should benefit from fiscal incentives in order to get a fair value for their residence.… Be Informed

Malta Newspaper Review – 11th May 2018


The Malta Independent reports Ivan Bartolo, a former Nationalist Party candidate and businessman has left the party and quit politics. In the story carrying the headling, <<Ivan Bartolo resigns from PN business development role over lack of initiative>> we read that Bartolo, who was appointed by the Party Leader Adrian Delia to carry out a business develpment plan within the PN, departed resigned because of “the lack of initiative on the part of top officials to implement Bartolo’s business development plans.”

The second story <<Government files master plan for district park around Fgura; includes dirt race track>>, reports about the application the Government has filed with a masterplan to create a regional park in the the Fgura, Zabbar and Cospicua area.… Be Informed