Fake news stories about MMR vaccine leads to rise in measles

The Irish Independent reports that measles cases have almost trebled from just 25 cases in 2017 to 66 this year, as the disease enters the country via EU holidaymakers and immigrants.

Statistics obtained by the Irish Independent reveal the rise, with the spread of the disease across Europe being partly being blamed on “fake news” stories about the vaccine.

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Di Maio says Italy has no risk of speculators’ attacks

Reuters/TGCOM Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday there was no risk of speculators attacking the country’s financial markets and that the government was working to stabilise the economic and financial situation.

Di Maio responded remotely to the fears of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Giorgetti who had explained that he expected a speculative attack on the markets to Italy in August, because “a large part of Italian savings was taken abroad and therefore the management of the various financial ‘titles’ is not domestic “. Be Informed

Salvini orders change of ‘parent 1 and parent 2’ to ‘mother’ – ‘father’

Ansa: Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Friday said he has ordered to change “parent 1” and “parent 2” into “mother” and “father” on forms to get an electronic identity card on his ministry’s website.

Speaking to online Catholic daily La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Salvini said: “I was told that on the interior ministry’s website, forms for an electronic identity card had “parent 1” and “parent 2″‘.… Be Informed

Daisy Osakue will compete for Italy in European final, days after drive-by attack that left her with black eye

Discus-thrower Daisy Osakue will compete in the finals of the European Athletics Championships in Berlin tomorrow, days after she was targeted in a drive-by attack that left her with a black eye.

The 22-year-old Italian-born athlete from Turin, whose parents are Nigerian, will represent Italy in the discus-throwing finals at the Olympic stadium after she qualified on her second attempt yesterday with a throw of 58.73 metres.… Be Informed

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Newspaper Headlines MaltaThe Opposition leader Adrian Delia has presented an application before the Constitutional Court seeking a complete copy of the Egrant inquiry report

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Your morning briefing brings you some of the main news reported by the Newspapers in Malta, the latest from the major news agencies in Europe and the World and the stories which hit the headlines in the past 24 hours from the Mediterranean, Europe, the Middle East and the World, spanning from Italy to Canada, looking into Spain and Malaysia, the UK and China.… Be Informed

Italian police arrest 11 in Palermo in connection with violent amputations for insurance claims

A brutal operation of mutilation intended to defraud insurance funds was uncovered. ANSA reports that consenting individuals join the shocking scheme enduring violent amputations of arms and legs to later claim insurance cover for ‘traffic accident damages’.

Italian Police moved in on two rings suspected of the practice  and arrested 11 people in Palermo in connection with this brutal inhuman racket. … Be Informed

Dignity takes centre-stage in Italy’s political day

Premier Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday that his government is determined to boost measures to stop the exploitation of migrant workers after 16 farm labourers died in two separate road accidents in Puglia in recent days.

“The compass of this government is set towards guaranteeing dignity of life and dignity of work – including in the approach that we have towards immigration,” Conte said on Facebook.… Be Informed

The Bologna Explosion – The Day After

ANSA: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visited the Bufalini hospital where he met two of the people who suffered from extensive burns after the explosion in Bologna.

The President of the Council has spent a quarter of an hour in the large burns department of the Romagnola facility, where since yesterday a thirty-one-year-old policeman from the province of Lecce and a young 17-year-old Bulgarian remained involved in the explosion. … Be Informed