Several death in suicide bombing in Kabul. ISIS claims responsibility, provides no evidence

Several people have been killed in a suicide attack targeting Muslim scholars who had gathered in a tent near the Polytechnic University in Afghanistan’s Kabul, officials said.

Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish confirmed to Al Jazeera that at least seven people have been killed and nine others wounded in Monday’s attack.… Be Informed

Thursday’s Morning Briefing

Good morning,

A number of stories are covered on today’s Maltese newspapers. The government of Malta has signed an agreement with the World Health Organisation on technical help for a 10-year plan in mental health sector. We also read that no agreement has been reached over the price of the White Rocks land.… Be Informed

ISIS claims responsibility for Libyan election commission suicide bombing which killed 12

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At least 12 people were killed and seven wounded as two suicide bombers have stormed Libya’s electoral commission in Tripoli. The attack claimed by Islamic State jihadists. The bloodshed comes as the international community pushes for elections it hopes will help calm the turmoil that has plagued the north African country since the 2011 ouster of dictator Muammar Gaddafi.… Be Informed

Syria – The Why, Who, and How of an 8 year conflict


Now having gone on longer than World War II, the war in Syria is causing profound effects beyond the country’s borders, with many Syrians having left their homes to seek safety elsewhere in Syria or beyond. The conflict which started off with a peaceful uprising, riding the wave of the 2011 Arab Springs has evolved into a Civil War and, in its own way a global war.… Be Informed

Prince Mohammed bin Salman not so diplomatic interview

Saudi Prince.jpgIn an interview with The Atlantic, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the putatively reformist crown prince of Saudi Arabia irked enough people to position himself in the pole position of those who, if dead, would be celebrated most. In his interview, as The Atlantic reports, he irked the leaders of ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas, as well as Yemen’s Houthi rebels, and the entire clerical and military leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran.… Be Informed