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1492 – Ensisheim Meteorite strikes a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim in Alsace, France. Oldest meteorite with a known date of impact.
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301 –  San Marino, one of the smallest nations in the world and the world’s oldest republic still in existence, founded by Saint Marinus

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1828 – Uruguay gains independence during Brazil-Argentina peace talks

1964 – Walt Disney’s “Mary Poppins” directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Julie Andrews … Read more

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79 -After centuries of dormancy, Mount Vesuvius erupts in southern Italy, devastating the prosperous Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum and killing thousands.

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79 Mount Vesuvius begins stirring, on feast day of Vulcan, Roman god of fire (goes on to destroy Pompeii)

1933 Mahatma Gandhi released from Indian … Read more

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1959 USSR introduces installment buying

1960 Britain grants independence to crown colony of Cyprus

1962 Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best as Beatles’ drummer, first official … Read more

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879 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Aeterni Patris

1914 WWI: Field Marshal Lord Kitchener becomes British Minister of War after British declaration of war on … Read more

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1776 Formal signing of the US Declaration of Independence by 56 people (date most accepted by modern historians)

1865 Lewis Carroll publishes “Alice’s Adventures in … Read more

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1792 500 Marseillaisian men sing France’s national anthem for 1st time

1863 President Abraham Lincoln issues “eye-for-eye” order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every … Read more

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1921 Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party

1967 The Doors score their first #1 hit with “Light My Fire”

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In 636 Arabs gain control of most of Palestine from the Byzantine Empire

In 1599 Caravaggio’s 1st public commission for paintings

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1848 The two-day Women’s Rights Convention, the first women’s rights and feminist convention held in the United States, opened in Seneca Falls, New York.

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In 2016 – Theresa May, the Conservative Party leader, became the second woman prime minister of the United Kingdom, replacing David Cameron, who resigned after … Read more