Something got broken as make-do cardboard casts are used in Italian hospital as it runs short of plaster

Corriere Della Sera: The hospital in Reggio Calabria, Italy resorted to an unusual alternative to orthopaedic casts as the emergency service was running short of plaster supplies. Patients with broken limbs were treated, instead, with makeshift cardboard casts while they waited for the hospital’s orthopaedic department to open the morning after.… Be Informed

Frozen food sold in Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, and Iceland  recalled after deadly bacteria outbreak

CAMBRIDGESHIRE LIVE : Frozen food sold in some of Britain’s biggest supermarkets including TescoLidlAldiWaitrose, and Iceland has been removed from their shelves because of a deadly outbreak of bacteria.

In all 43 products have been recalled and people are being urged to check their freezers for the products.… Be Informed

Why some mosquitoes bite some more than others?

Ever notice how mosquitoes seem to frantically feast on some folks while ignoring others? It’s not just your imagination, says entomologist Joseph M. Conlon, a technical advisor to the American Mosquito Control Association.

“There is no question that some individuals are more attractive to mosquitoes due to chemicals they secrete from their skin and from their particular skin flora.”

Five possible reasons are :

  • You’re pregnant
  • You’re dripping with sweat
  • You have type O blood
  • You just had a beer
  • Your genes make you more attractive

But to learn more, we suggest you to go to this article published some few years back on Time Magazine. Be Informed

Fresh controversy for Matteo Salvini as he claims that 10 mandatory vaccines are useless, in many cases dangerous, if not harmful

Corriere Della Sera Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, opens a new front. This time, interviewed by Radio Studio 54, he said that ” 10 mandatory vaccines are useless, in many cases dangerous if not harmful”.

This led to an immediate reaction from respected Professor Burioni who tweeted “No, Minister Salvini. … Be Informed

Longer years in formal education can increase your ‘vision’ but may deteriorate your eyesight

Longer years in formal education cause a deterioration in vision, a new study suggests. UK researchers analysed over 60,000 people between the ages 40-69 and observed a significant link between the years spent studying and the strength of their eyesight.

With each year in education, the risk of myopia increases by -0.27 dioptres, the study found.… Be Informed

US Study: 70% of women with early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy after their tumours have been removed.

Some 70 percent of women with early-stage breast cancer and an intermediate risk of cancer recurrence can safely skip chemotherapy after their tumors have been removed, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

“This is a major finding,” said Dr. Larry Norton, a breast cancer expert at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, who helped organise the government-funded study more than a decade ago.… Be Informed

Child obesity: Is the Mediterranean diet to blame?

According to new data from the World Health Organization, childhood obesity rates in the Mediterranean region are among the highest in the world.

The new WHO report, presented this week at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna, indicated that of 34 countries in the European region, the countries of Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, San Marino and Spain had the highest rates of childhood obesity.… Be Informed

WHO plans to recommend higher taxes on sugary drinks to fight obesity ‘torpedoed’ by US administration

The PBS in the US said that the Trump administration has torpedoed a plan to recommend higher taxes on sugary drinks, forcing a World Health Organization panel to back off the U.N. agency’s previous call for such taxes as a way to fight obesity, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.… Be Informed

USA: ‘Our future children’: Families speak after loss of frozen embryos in tank failure


CNN reports that Kate Plants organised a memorial service on Saturday, near Cleveland to grieve for the eggs and embryos that she and hundreds of others lost in a tragic accident in March.

For Plants, who was diagnosed with and treated for with ovarian cancer, that was her last shot at having a biological child.”I think about who they could have been and what they would have been,” Plants said.… Be Informed

On health care: What are our limits, who should enforce them?


Rome Reports covers the fourth edition of the Unite To Cure Conference, which joins health care professionals from around the world for discussions on the future of medicine.

Throughout the three-day event, key topics from Pope Francis’ vision were addressed, such as preserving the environment, preventative medicine and health care for the most vulnerable.… Be Informed