Israel bombs Hamas positions after rockets were fired from Palestinian enclave injured several Israelis

The Times of Israel reports that Israel’s air force bombed 12 Hamas positions across the Gaza Strip Wednesday night after dozens of rockets and mortar shells were fired at southern Israeli communities from the Palestinian enclave, including one barrage that slammed into the city of Sderot, injuring several Israelis.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Kazakistan via Italy, to the UK and Brussels, from Libya to Singapore and our obvious stop in the US our morning briefing presents you how the major news agencies and outlets reported the salient happenings of the past 24 hours.… Be Informed

Israel tightens blockade of the Gaza Strip over Palestinians’ kites carrying firebombs to burn Israeli farmland

Israel tightened its blockade of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday partly over kites carrying firebombs to burn Israeli farmland as concerns mounted over whether the rudimentary devices could spark another war.

Days after the heaviest exchange of fire between Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza since a 2014 conflict,  Israel said it was blocking until Sunday fuel and gas deliveries through its only goods crossing with the enclave.

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IDF gives all-clear to southern residents as Gaza ceasefire appears to hold 

The Times of Israel:  Authorities called for residents of southern Israel to “return to normal” on Sunday morning, as a shaky ceasefire ending one of the most intense days of fighting on the border in years appeared to hold overnight.

The military’s Home Front Command canceled all of the restrictions it had placed on communities in the Gaza periphery the night before, which called for residents to stay within sprinting distance of bomb shelters in case of rocket attack and limited the size of public gatherings.… Be Informed

Netanyahu announces Gaza crossing to be closed due to Gaza violence

Times of Israel: In response to ongoing violence on the Gaza border, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Israel will close the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

“We will double our efforts against Hamas,” Netanyahu tells his Likud faction meeting in the Knesset, saying that the Kerem Shalom closure will be coupled with “other measures that I won’t go into.”

The crossing, near the Egyptian border, serves as the main entry point for commercial goods and humanitarian aid into the coastal enclave, which has been subject to a strict blockade by both Israel and Egypt for the past 11 years, meant to prevent terrorist groups from bringing weapons into the Strip.… Be Informed

Corporate Dispatch Morning Briefing – Thursday 21st June 2018

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A rather eventful 24 hours which were dominated by the issue of immigration around the globe.

We try to to summarise the eventful day in our Morning Brief.  However let’s start first with some salient news from the Maltese papers.… Be Informed

United Nations condemn Israel for using “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” force in Gaza

The United Nations overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution on Wednesday condemning Israel for using “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” force in Gaza following several fatal clashes along Israel’s border in recent weeks.

The bid, brought forward by Algeria, Turkey and Palestine, was passed in the United Nations General Assembly with a 120 to 8 vote, and featured 45 abstentions.… Be Informed

New violence escalation along Gaza-Israel border

Euronews reports that “Israeli troops fatally shot three people and injured more than 600 others during Friday’s weekly protest along the Gaza-Israel border, according to medics in Gaza.”

According to the reports some 10,000 Palestinians took part in the protest, according to the Israeli army, throwing rocks at troops, burning tyres, and hurling “a number of explosive devices and a grenade” across the fence.… Be Informed

Wednesday’s Morning Briefing

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The heat seems to persist in the coming hours as the Met Office at the MIA is forecasting a high 28 degrees temperature during the day.

The Independent reports that Ombudsman Anthony Mifsud has warned against the “systemic refusal or stubborn reticence to disclose information” that undermines good governance and the democratic process after noting that the public administration, including the public authorities, have appeared to adopt “a generally negative approach” towards disclosing information and the citizen’s right to be informed in his Annual Report for 2017.… Be Informed

Thousands attend funeral of 21 year old nurse killed on the border between Gaza and Israel.

The funeral of Razan al Najar, the 21-year old medic who was shot dead by Israeli forces as she ran to treat injured protesters, was held in the Gazan city of Khan Younes – with thousands of mourners attending.

A senior medical official in Gaza has urged the international community “not to stay silent” and do more to protect civilians protesting at the border fence with Israel.… Be Informed

Two UN Security Council resolutions about the Middle East fail to pass

The United States vetoed Friday an Arab-backed UN draft resolution calling for protective measures for the Palestinians that won backing from 10 countries at the Security Council. A US resolution condemning Hamas also failed.

China, France and Russia were among the countries that voted in favour of the draft put forward by Kuwait on behalf of Arab countries.… Be Informed