Fake news stories about MMR vaccine leads to rise in measles

The Irish Independent reports that measles cases have almost trebled from just 25 cases in 2017 to 66 this year, as the disease enters the country via EU holidaymakers and immigrants.

Statistics obtained by the Irish Independent reveal the rise, with the spread of the disease across Europe being partly being blamed on “fake news” stories about the vaccine.

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William Hague hopes for French help for a credible Brexit deal

William Hague (former foreign secretary and a former leader of the Conservative Party) writes on The Telegraph that last week has seen the most concerted British diplomatic push with our French neighbours in many years. Days after the new Foreign Secretary raced straight to Paris from his trip to China, the Prime Minister cut short her holiday to visit President Macron at his summer retreat.… Be Informed

Tuesday Morning Briefing

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Your Tuesday Morning Briefing covers the main headlines of the news.


BolognaThe main story remains the powerful explosion which took place in Bologna on Monday afternoon. 2 people died and 67 were injured after the deadly explosion. A number of cars were involved in this incident which also caused the collapse of the road where it happened.

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European diplomats vow to work together to preserve nuclear deal with Iran

Europe’s top diplomats have vowed to work together to preserve a multinational nuclear deal with Iran, as US President Donald Trump signed an executive order paving the way for the return of biting sanctions against Tehran on Tuesday.

In a joint statement issued on Monday, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Britain said the remaining parties to the 2015 agreement will maintain “effective financial channels” with Iran and ensure its continued export of oil and gas.… Be Informed

How the Benalla affair dented Macron

The Financial Times says that the first big public test of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency might have been expected to come over his reform measures, the French economy, Europe or his relationship with Donald Trump.

Instead, 14 months after his election victory, it has emerged from an unexpected direction: one of his bodyguards, Alexandre Benalla, was caught on camera beating two leftwing protesters during a May Day rally while wearing police garb without authorisation.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing


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As expected the death of Shannon Mak is the lead story on Malta’s Newspapers. Various happenings take different priorities around the world. As we go through 40 major international and local news portals, your Morning Briefing provides you with the salient news as reported in Malta, Europe and the World.… Be Informed

European high temperature record of 48 degrees Celsius expected this week

CNN: Forecasters have warned of potentially record-breaking temperatures in Spain and Portugal this week as much of Europe swelters in a heat wave that has left some farmers suffering drought conditions.

The UK Met Office said parts of the Iberian peninsula could beat the all-time continental European record of 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, with inland areas likely to be hotter than the coast.… Be Informed

Friday Morning Briefing

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Your Morning Briefing for today follows.

Newspaper Headlines MaltaBoth the Times and The Malta Independent refer to the S&P credit rating on the banking system. Respected credit ratings agency Standard and Poors has highlighted increased reputational and operational risks for Malta’s banking sector, moving its risk score up two notches on its 10point scale. 

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Eiffel Tower closes for public as staff went on strike

France 24 reports that the Eiffel Tower closed to the public on Wednesday afternoon as staff went on strike over how to organise tourists visits to the monument.

“Staff from the Eiffel Tower operating company, SETE, are protesting how visits to the iconic Parisian monument are organised, complaining of the sometimes “monstrous” queues that form for the popular tourist attraction.

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Thursday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Washington, from Pakistan to Brussels, from Syria to France, from Italy to Mars and back…  here are the main news as reported by main news outlets around the world.


eGRant UpdateThe Egrant Publication Inquiry aftermath entered its third day with the significant highlights being the request from the PN leader for the publication of the entire document, the Attorney General’s refusal and the reiterated commitment by the Prime Minister of having it published. 

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Interior Minister faces grilling over Macron’s security affair

France 24: Facing questions before France’s parliament on Monday, Interior Minister Gérard Collomb defended his handling of the so-called Benalla Affair. Hearings on Monday mark the latest episode in a damaging political scandal for President Emmanuel Macron.

Top presidential security aide Alexandre Benalla, 26, was charged on Sunday with gang violence after he was caught on video assaulting May Day protesters.… Be Informed

Monday Morning Briefing

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The saying ‘a week is too long in politics’ keeps being challenged. While the past few weeks we saw this saying being challenged in the international world, yesterday this came under test in Malta.

We try to synthesise all the happenings of the past hours in Malta and abroad in our Morning Briefing.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Kazakistan via Italy, to the UK and Brussels, from Libya to Singapore and our obvious stop in the US our morning briefing presents you how the major news agencies and outlets reported the salient happenings of the past 24 hours.… Be Informed