Facebook suspends another data firm on possible violations

CNBC/Euronews reports that Facebook, which is still dealing with fallout from the scandal over user data improperly obtained by consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, has suspended another data-analytics firm over possible policy violations.

Facebook said it has temporarily suspended the firm, Crimson Hexagon, while it looks into whether it violated data-sharing policies.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Kazakistan via Italy, to the UK and Brussels, from Libya to Singapore and our obvious stop in the US our morning briefing presents you how the major news agencies and outlets reported the salient happenings of the past 24 hours.… Be Informed

UK: How political parties collect data and target you

Euronews: Elections are becoming “increasingly datafied” as political parties tap into big data to target their messaging and this could have a “significant impact” at the ballot box, Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) said on Wednesday.

Political parties in the UK first use the Electoral Register which gives them the name and addresses of approximately 40 million registered voters.… Be Informed

Friday Morning Briefing

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Our morning briefing for Friday 29th June follows:


Eu Council.pngNews about an agreement between European Leaders on migration during the European Council meeting broke at dawn. It was European Council President Donald Tusk who announced the agreement via Twitter.

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Security failure in NameTests apps potentially left Facebook users unprotected

Politico: A security failure in a popular quiz app on Facebook left millions of people’s data exposed for almost two years, a cybersecurity activist revealed Thursday.

The application, called Nametests.com, has run Facebook quizzes for years, but it left unprotected the personal data of Facebook users taking such a quiz on its website, allowing third parties to read and steal the data, the activist said.… Be Informed

Unilever won’t work with social media ‘influencers’ who buy ‘followers’ in an effort to curb artificial bots which create fake audiences

CNBC: Consumer-goods company Unilever will not work with social media stars, or “influencers,” who buy followers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, it announced Monday.

Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed said the company would scrutinize how it works with such influencers and urged other brands to look at how they avoid fraud on social media.… Be Informed

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounted for almost three-quarters of the cases with sexual predators targeting children. A fifth of the cases involved children under 10.

The Telegraph: More than 3,000 offences of grooming children online for sex have been committed by paedophiles in only the first year since a new law on sexual communication was introduced last April, police have revealed.

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram accounted for almost three-quarters of the cases with sexual predators targeting children through a total of 80 different sites, apps or platforms, according to the figures obtained from police forces by the NSPCC.… Be Informed

Google and Facebook should take more responsibility to protect children from mental ill health epidemic, abuse and addictive behaviour – NHS

The Telegraph: NHS is “picking up the pieces” of an epidemic of mental illness among children, fuelled by social media, the head of the service has warned.

Simon Stevens urged companies like Google and Facebook to take more responsibility for the pressures they place on children.… Be Informed

Saturday’s Morning Briefing

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Today’s newspapers report that Malta will no longer get away with not accept- ing migrants rescued in the Mediterranean, Italy’s new Home Affairs Minister Matteo Salvini warned yesterday. UNHCR Italy has welcomed the efforts of the new government coalition composed of populist parties to “ensure that the country remains a key international actor in respect and dissemination of human rights, non-discrimination and international protection,” while stressing, along with UNHCR Malta, the importance of established fruitful collaboration with the Ministries of Home and Foreign Affairs of both countries in the implementation of key projects.

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UK: Children aged 4 – 5 are live streaming their content as those aged 14 – 16

Research by Internet Matters, which educates parents about their children’s online behaviour, found that nearly as many children aged four to five are live-streaming their own content as those aged 14 to 16.

A report on The Telegraph states that among the youngest children, 13 per cent are using live-streaming apps to film and post content online.… Be Informed

Facebook had data-sharing partnerships with four Chinese electronics companies

The New York Times report that Facebook has data-sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese electronics companies, including a manufacturing giant that has a close relationship with China’s government, the social media company said on Tuesday.

The agreements, which date to at least 2010, gave private access to some user data to Huawei, a telecommunications equipment company that has been flagged by American intelligence officials as a national security threat, as well as to Lenovo, Oppo and TCL.

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Papua New Guinea to ban facebook

facebook png.jpg

Papua New Guinea’s communications minister has said the government will ban Facebook for a month to weigh its impact on the population. The government is also evaluating the creation of a new state-run social network.

Communications Minister Sam Basil said that the shutdown would enable the department and National Research Institute to conduct further research on how the social network was being used by users.… Be Informed

First complaints against Social Media platforms following GDPR law changes


The Financial Times report that Facebook and Google became the first large tech groups to be accused of breaking the EU’s far-reaching new privacy rules that came into force on Friday when an Austrian activist who has already beaten Facebook in a major privacy case filed complaints against them across Europe.… Be Informed

Tajani announces that Zuckerberg is to be grilled at European Parliament


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will face MEPs’ questions following the Cambridge Analytica scandal in the European Parliament, its president said on Wednesday.

“The founder and CEO of Facebook has accepted our invitation and will be in Brussels as soon as possible, hopefully already next week,” said Antonio Tajani in a statement.

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