Fake news stories about MMR vaccine leads to rise in measles

The Irish Independent reports that measles cases have almost trebled from just 25 cases in 2017 to 66 this year, as the disease enters the country via EU holidaymakers and immigrants.

Statistics obtained by the Irish Independent reveal the rise, with the spread of the disease across Europe being partly being blamed on “fake news” stories about the vaccine.

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Second night of protests in Romania

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square on Saturday evening for another protest against the PSD-ALDE government.

The violent clashes during Friday’s protest, when the riot police used tear gas and water cannons against the crowd to clear the square, after being provoked by some groups of hooligans, determined many people to go to the streets again on Saturday.… Be Informed

European high temperature record of 48 degrees Celsius expected this week

CNN: Forecasters have warned of potentially record-breaking temperatures in Spain and Portugal this week as much of Europe swelters in a heat wave that has left some farmers suffering drought conditions.

The UK Met Office said parts of the Iberian peninsula could beat the all-time continental European record of 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 degrees Fahrenheit) this week, with inland areas likely to be hotter than the coast.… Be Informed

European Court of Justice decides that KitKat iconic design is not entitled for intellectual property protection

The European Court of Justice has decided that the iconic four-fingered design of Nestlé’s KitKat chocolate bar is not entitled to protection under the EU’s intellectual property protection scheme.

In a judgement on Wednesday (25 July), EU judges ruled against the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO) 2006 decision to register the shape of a KitKat chocolate bar as an EU trademark.… Be Informed

EU expected to publish migration proposals policy changes today

The Financial Times reports that Brussels will offer EU governments €6,000 for every migrant they take in from boats stranded in the Mediterranean, in plans designed to help ease pressure on Italy’s new anti-immigration government.

The European Commission will publish proposals on Tuesday on how to stem the flow of migrants coming into Europe.… Be Informed

It’s legitimate for Europe to find a role of its own in the world – Angela Merkel

DW: In her yearly meet-the-press session before her summer vacation, Angela Merkel put forward the European Union as an example of cooperation and multilateralism. While reaffirming the centrality of Germany’s trans-Atlantic relations with the US, she acknowledged that US President Donald Trump had put the two country’s traditional friendship “under pressure.”… Be Informed

Romania’s first decade of EU membership was mishandled – Romania’s EU accession chief negotiator

Euractiv: Since Romania joined the EU in 2007, successive governments have failed to make the best of bloc membership but there is strong pressure for change in the country, the man who supervised Bucharest’s accession negotiations told EURACTIV.com.

“What happened since 2004 [when Romania wrapped up its talks] was, unfortunately, that the governments were not very much committed to implementing EU policies,” said Vasile Puscas, the chief negotiator of Romania’s EU accession and former minister for European affairs.… Be Informed

700,000 small and medium-sized companies are set to benefit from improved access to finance through European Investment Plan

The European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) has mobilised €335 billion in additional investment across the EU since July 2015. The Juncker Plan has made a clear impact on the EU economy and revolutionised the way innovation is financed in Europe.… Be Informed

Inisght: Populism and the political landscape in Europe

PEW Research Centre : Populist movements have gained ground in many Western European countries, from the United Kingdom’s 2016 vote to leave the European Union to Italy’s formation of a populist government this spring. A new Pew Research Center report explores the attitudes that underlie some of these movements, based on interviews with more than 16,000 adults in eight Western European nations.… Be Informed

Trump says May wrecked Brexit, claims that her Brexit plan will ‘kill’ US trade deal in an exclusive interview with The Sun

AP/The Sun:  Dishing up a fresh dose of chaos on his European tour, President Donald Trump left behind a contentious NATO gathering in Brussels and moved on to Britain, where a pomp-filled welcome ceremony was soon overshadowed by an interview in which Trump blasted Prime Minister Theresa May, blamed London’s mayor for terror attacks against the city and argued that Europe was “losing its culture” because of immigration.… Be Informed

Heatwave across Europe

Euronews:  The continent is currently experiencing record-breaking temperatures, with May being the warmest in more than a century. It’s turning out to be a summer to remember for most of the continent, with record-breaking temperatures experienced in many countries.

June is looking to be another record month, both in terms of temperatures and lack of rainfall, and it could get even hotter on the continent, with the mercury topping a blistering 38 degrees in the coming months.… Be Informed