Merkel & Sanchez discuss fair distribution of migrants across the EU

DW reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants across the EU. She also spoke out against racism during a press conference in Spain after a working lunch on Saturday with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Both advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants — an approach they intend to promote at next month’s EU summit in Austria.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing


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As expected the death of Shannon Mak is the lead story on Malta’s Newspapers. Various happenings take different priorities around the world. As we go through 40 major international and local news portals, your Morning Briefing provides you with the salient news as reported in Malta, Europe and the World.… Be Informed

Bank of England governor warns that there is an uncomfortably high possibility of a no-deal Brexit

Mark Carney has warned that the possibility of a no-deal Brexit is “uncomfortably high” and will lead to higher prices.

The Bank of England governor said both the UK and EU should “do all things to avoid” a no-deal scenario. He added that the banks had done the “stockpiling” and the country’s financial system was in a position to be able to withstand a shock that could result from the UK leaving the EU without an agreement.… Be Informed

FT: EU softens opposition to May’s post-Brexit plan for London Financial services

The FT reports that the EU’s chief negotiator has softened his opposition to Theresa May’s post-Brexit plan for London’s financial services industry after UK negotiators acknowledged Brussels would have ultimate control over the City’s access to European markets. London’s future as a global financial centre is tied to its ability to serve as a gateway to Europe for international banks, and UK negotiators had originally hoped they would be able to secure a special arrangement with Brussels to retain access even as Britain began to set up its own regulatory regime.… Be Informed

Thursday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Washington, from Pakistan to Brussels, from Syria to France, from Italy to Mars and back…  here are the main news as reported by main news outlets around the world.


eGRant UpdateThe Egrant Publication Inquiry aftermath entered its third day with the significant highlights being the request from the PN leader for the publication of the entire document, the Attorney General’s refusal and the reiterated commitment by the Prime Minister of having it published. 

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No-deal Brexit will make it ‘illegal’ to pay pensions to retired British expats living in EU, MPs told

The Independent (UK) : It will be “illegal” to pay private pensions to many retired British expats if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal, MPs have been told.

The Association of British Insurers said pensioners who receive their payments into bank accounts in their adopted countries would be left without cash.… Be Informed

European Commission unveils its plan for migration

Following the call by EU leaders at the June European Council, the Commission on Tuesday expanded its position on the concept of controlled centres as well as short-term measures that could be taken to improve the processing of migrants being disembarked in the EU, and giving a first outline of the possible way forward for the establishment of regional disembarkation arrangements with third countries.… Be Informed

Italy doesn’t need EU’s charity on migrants – Salvini

ANSA: Italy doesn’t need “charity” from the EU on migrants, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Tuesday.

“If they want to give money to someone else let them do so, Italy doesn’t need charity,” he said in reference to a Financial Times report that the EU proposes paying 6,000 euros for every migrants rescued in the Mediterranean and received by one of the EU’s member States.… Be Informed

800 White Helmets rescuers and their families evacuated from Syria to Jordan by Israeli forces at the request of USA and EU

Al Jazeera: Israel has evacuated 800 White Helmets rescuers and their families from Syria to Jordan overnight at the request of the United States and European countries.

On Twitter, the Israeli military said it had “recently completed a humanitarian effort to rescue members of the Syrian civil organisation and their families” after a “request of the United States and additional European countries”.… Be Informed

Protests against changes in the judiciary in Poland

According to Euronews hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Warsaw on Friday (July 20) to protest changes to Poland’s judiciary.

Four people were detained and two police officers were wounded.The crowd gathered outside parliament, shouting “Shame” and “Europe protect us”.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has been pushing through major judicial reforms since it took office in 2015.The government says the changes will make courts more efficient but opponents say they undercut judicial freedom and give politicians too much control over judges.The latest changes took effect in July and forced 22 Supreme Court judges into early retirement.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Kazakistan via Italy, to the UK and Brussels, from Libya to Singapore and our obvious stop in the US our morning briefing presents you how the major news agencies and outlets reported the salient happenings of the past 24 hours.… Be Informed