How the Benalla affair dented Macron

The Financial Times says that the first big public test of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency might have been expected to come over his reform measures, the French economy, Europe or his relationship with Donald Trump.

Instead, 14 months after his election victory, it has emerged from an unexpected direction: one of his bodyguards, Alexandre Benalla, was caught on camera beating two leftwing protesters during a May Day rally while wearing police garb without authorisation.… Be Informed

Macron survives no-confidence vote

FRENCH president Emmanuel Macron survived an unexpected no-confidence vote over claims his government covered up a scandal involving his ex-bodyguard.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has plummeted to its lowest level since his election in May 2017, according to data released by seven French polling institutes.… Be Informed

Interior Minister faces grilling over Macron’s security affair

France 24: Facing questions before France’s parliament on Monday, Interior Minister Gérard Collomb defended his handling of the so-called Benalla Affair. Hearings on Monday mark the latest episode in a damaging political scandal for President Emmanuel Macron.

Top presidential security aide Alexandre Benalla, 26, was charged on Sunday with gang violence after he was caught on video assaulting May Day protesters.… Be Informed

Saturday Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Kazakistan via Italy, to the UK and Brussels, from Libya to Singapore and our obvious stop in the US our morning briefing presents you how the major news agencies and outlets reported the salient happenings of the past 24 hours.… Be Informed

Macron’s office launches dismissal proceedings against security aide

Politico reports that French President Emmanuel Macron’s office launched dismissal proceedings on Friday against security aide Alexandre Benalla after video emerged of him assaulting a demonstrator during a street protest on May 1.

According to French daily Le Monde, the Elysée presidential palace said in a statement that Benalla had come into possession of “a document belonging to the Paris police headquarters that he was not authorized to obtain.”

Benalla has reportedly been placed in custody, after the Paris prosecutor’s office on Thursday launched an investigation on suspicions of use of violence, usurping the function of a police officer and using symbols reserved for public authorities.… Be Informed

The Friday Morning Briefing

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The world news scene was ‘overshadowed’ by Trump’s tirades and comments at NATO summit and in Britain. He can easily be dubbed as a the ‘agent of disruption’ and not necessarily in a positive way as his comments, actions and views are indicative of a trait aimed disrupting world order.… Be Informed

Eu Migration Summit

An emergency mini summit Sunday of EU leaders seeking a common solution on migration yielded a breakthrough, of sorts: a general agreement to stop seeking an overall, common solution.

It was not exactly a failure, with leaders hailing new momentum in addressing the bloc’s most divisive political problem, and a commitment to continue their discussion at a regular EU summit later this week.… Be Informed

Merkel and Macron agree to open a new chapter in European Union relations

Germany and France have agreed to “open a new chapter” in European Union relations, after Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron met to finalise plans for sweeping reforms of the 19-member eurozone, including a new parallel budget.

Tuesday’s talks were seen as vital for ensuring the European project moves ahead after a decade of crisis, division and instability.… Be Informed

French President gives youth a lesson on how to behave with respect

France24 A floppy-haired French teenager asked, Ca va, Manu?” (How’s it going, Manu?) to Macron as he greeted the crowds at an event to honour World War II Resistance fighters near Paris on Monday.

Even before calling the president “Manu”, the teen had started to sing a few lines of the famed Socialist anthem “The Internationale” – viewed as a dig at the president for his controversial pro-business reforms.Be Informed

Wednesday’s Morning Briefing

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From Malta to Singapore, via UK;  the Aquarius issue; the diplomatic rifts between Malta, Italy and France (so far), the USA-North Korea summit are some of the things which hit the news in the past 24 hours. But there were other things which happened around us.… Be Informed

Malta and France Prime Ministers discuss latest developments in the Mediterranean

Malta Today: Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Tuesday evening that he had discussed the latest developments in the Mediterranean with French President Emmanuel Macron.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said that the two countries’ policies in the sector converged, and that the two leaders had agreed to work together going forward.… Be Informed

France financial prosecutor probing Macron’s Chief of Staff on allegations of breaching of conflict of interest rules

Reuters report that France’s financial prosecutor opened an inquiry into allegations President Emmanuel Macron’s chief of staff breached conflict of interest rules while working in the state holdings agency and finance ministry, the prosecutor’s office said.  Macron’s office on Monday dismissed the allegations as “completely unfounded”.… Be Informed

Libyan political rivals agree to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on December 10


Rival Libyan factions agreed on Tuesday on a declaration that would create a political framework to pave the way for U.N.-backed elections presidential and parliamentary elections on December 10, in accordance with a strong constitutional basis to end the country’s seven-year-old conflict

The Libyan political rivals agreed this at the end of their meeting in Elysée palace in Paris.… Be Informed