Editor Perspectives –  14th May 2018


The editorials of L-Oriżżont and The Malta Independent focus on the Eurovision. While the editorial of L-Oriżżont, entitled <<Aħna pajjiż mimli talent>> highlights the general national sentiment about the ‘good’ and ‘great’ we are in terms of our talents where it comes to music, the editorial of The Malta Independent takes a rather pragmatic view, questions why all the fuss on the Eurovision Song Contest, and asks for a series plan, where the money spent for the Eurovision, is actually invested in the wider music scene to help more musicians and singers develop their talent.… Be Informed

Editor Perspectives  12th May 2018


The Editorial of The Times  comments about the issue of social housing following the announcement by the Prime Minister on May 1st, about a project aimed to alleviate the problem. The edtiorial states that “Social research confirms that a lack of affordable housing does not just affect people’s ability to sustain a home; it also affects work, relationships and health.  … Be Informed

Editor Perspectives – 9th May 2018

The Maltese language, the national broadcaster, the voluntary sector, the Nationalist Party’s future and Fibromyalgia are the themes of today’s newspaper editors’ perspectives.


In-Nazzjon’s editor dedicates the editorial to the Maltese language. Entitled <<Ilsien li jgħaqqadna>> the editorial focuses on the fact that despite the many divisionary elements in Malta, the Maltese language is important for the sake of unity.… Be Informed

Today’s Editor Perspectives


The editorial of The Independent, entitled <<The crossroads of corruption>>, argues that “the events of the past months have focused the attention of the world, especially of Europe, on the many crossroads of corruption that have Malta as their centre.” It adds that on Saturday, the Osservatorio Mediterraneao sulla Criminalita Organizzata e le Mafie (OMCOM) outlined a number of Mafia connections that passed through Malta.… Be Informed

Editor Perspectives – 6th May 2018


The editorial of ILLUM entitled <<L-immigrazzjoni: Ma ninżlux toroq perikolużi>> refers to the dangerous narrative used in the issue of immigrant workers in Malta and the line adopted by the Nationalist Party leader during the May 1st Business Breakfast. The editorial expresses it’s disappointment to Delia’s comments who were populist, misinformed and possibly starting a dangerous route for Malta.… Be Informed