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Di Maio calling for vote of confidence after European elections results in Italy

Italian Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio said Wednesday that he was calling for a vote on his leadership of the 5-Star Movement (M5S).

Di Maio … Read more

M5s Di Maio warns Lega’s Salvini about ‘too much tension’ on the streets ahead or European elections

There is “too much tension” in the streets, 5-Star Movement (M5S) and Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio told fellow Deputy Premier and League leader Matteo … Read more

Fears of an early elections in Italy as coalition partners accuse each other of corruption

Italy’s coalition government seems to be veering closer to collapse after the far-right League and anti-establishment Five Star Movement allies traded allegations of corruption.

The … Read more

Right-wing alliance win Basilicata regional elections – 5 Stelle support halved

A right-wing alliance has ended the Italian center left’s 24-year rule in the southern region of Basilicata.

The final count of Sunday’s regional election, completed … Read more

Italy’s high-speed rail link with France ‘has no future’ – Di Maio

Italy’s high-speed rail link with France “has no future”, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Saturday, despite his fellow deputy premier in the … Read more


Di Maio denies he’s seeking resignation of Economy Minister, warns that he has to find the resources to increase welfare spending

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Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio on Tuesday denied a media report saying that he had called for Economy Minister Giovanni Tria to resign, … Read more


5-Star Movement (M5s) will not support government’s plan for ‘fiscal peace’ with small taxpayers if this becomes a major amnesty for tax evaders

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Deputy Premier and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said Monday that if the government’s plan for ‘fiscal peace’ with small taxpayers involved in … Read more


Di Maio accuses newspapers of polluting the ‘debate’ as he threatens to pull advertising from state-owned companies

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After Toninelli, it was Luigi Di Maio, who has taken aim at the country’s newspapers, accusing them of “polluting the debate” and threatening to … Read more

Salvini has to change tone of voice regards the judiciary

Speaking in Cernobbio, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said “I am counting on ministering for at least 5 years without being considered a killer, … Read more

EU Commissioner Oettinger warns that Italy would still have to pay interest if it does not pay its budget

European Union Commissioner Guenther Oettinger warned Italy on Wednesday that it would face interest payments if it does not pay its budget contributions on time … Read more

Di Maio stresses about compactness of Italian Government on Diciotti Case

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Di Maio said that the Italian government assumes the political responsibility of the choices made on the case of the ship … Read more

Di Maio says Italy has no risk of speculators’ attacks

Reuters/TGCOM Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday there was no risk of speculators attacking the country’s financial markets and that the … Read more

After ‘Decreto Dignita’ the Italian political debate centres on the anti-facist Mancino Law

The Italian Parliament chamber gave the green light to the law Decreto Dignita which is the first law enacted and piloted by the new Italian … Read more

“Caro nonno” Fiammetta Borsellino sends her love to her grandfather who was brutally assassinated by Mafia in 1992

“Caro nonno mi dispiace per il 19 luglio 1992. Certo se tu fossi vivo avresti capito quanto ti coccolerei. Ti voglio bene. La tua nipotina … Read more

Di Maio warns that a majority of Italian Parliamentarians will vote against EU-Canada free trade deal

Italy’s deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio said that a majority in parliament would reject an EU-Canada free trade deal, thereby threatening to scupper the … Read more

Salvini’s Lega helps centre-right make a strong showing in local and administrative elections

AP: Italy’s LEGA has helped the center-right post a strong showing in local and administrative elections, while its partner at national level, the 5-Star Movement, … Read more

Italy: Habemus Premier

After 88 days of negotiations, discussions, false starts, impeachment threats and an institutional crisis Italy’s powers announced that “There are all the conditions for a … Read more

Possible ‘political’ solution for Italy’s impasse

cottarelliItalian interim prime minister Cottarelli said politicians, rather than technocrats like himself, might be able to steer the country out of deadlock.

This declaration has … Read more


Impeachment against Mattarella not on the cards

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The impeachment against Mattarella is not on anymore on the cards. M5s Di Maio announced this on Tuesday. He stated that the possibility of impeachment … Read more


Quo Vadis Italia – Day 2 – Death threats to Mattarella evoke the memories of when his brother was killed in the 80s


Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, used harsh tones, to call to popular mobilisation against the powers and the Europe of the banks, in defence … Read more


Quo Vadis Italia?

Italy’s premier-designate has told the president he has been unable to form what would have been western Europe’s first populist government.

A presidential palace official … Read more

Geo Politics Italy

Di Maio issues ultimatum to Mattarella – Or close discussions within today or elections.

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“This government game either closes within the next 24 hours or does not close anymore, we have already waited long enough”. This was stated by … Read more

Elections Geo Politics Italy

Disagreement with Mattarella on the appointment of Minister of Finance lead to tensions and increases the risk of new elections in Italy.


Italy risks to go back to vote. 82 days since the last Italian election, the country is still without a government. Although M5s and Lega … Read more


Italian President Mattarella calls Giuseppe Conte for a decisive meeting, an indication that soon, Italy might have a Prime Minister

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The Italian President Sergio Mattarella, has called for Giuseppe Conte, the person indicated by both M5S and Lega as the next Prime Minister for a … Read more


Law Professor Giuseppe Conte named as chosen candidate for Italian Prime Minister

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Law professor Giuseppe Conte has been named as the choice of the Five Star Movement and League to lead the coalition government. During the past … Read more