Di Maio says Italy has no risk of speculators’ attacks

Reuters/TGCOM Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Monday there was no risk of speculators attacking the country’s financial markets and that the government was working to stabilise the economic and financial situation.

Di Maio responded remotely to the fears of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council Giorgetti who had explained that he expected a speculative attack on the markets to Italy in August, because “a large part of Italian savings was taken abroad and therefore the management of the various financial ‘titles’ is not domestic “. Be Informed

After ‘Decreto Dignita’ the Italian political debate centres on the anti-facist Mancino Law

The Italian Parliament chamber gave the green light to the law Decreto Dignita which is the first law enacted and piloted by the new Italian government formation.

Italian news agency ANSA reports that Work and Industry Minister and Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio said Friday that he was against Family Minister Lorenzo Fontana’s proposal to scrap the anti-fascist Mancino law.… Be Informed

Di Maio warns that a majority of Italian Parliamentarians will vote against EU-Canada free trade deal

Italy’s deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio said that a majority in parliament would reject an EU-Canada free trade deal, thereby threatening to scupper the entire agreement. “Soon the CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) will come to parliament for ratification and the majority will reject it,” Di Maio told Italy’s main farming union, the Coldiretti.… Be Informed

Salvini’s Lega helps centre-right make a strong showing in local and administrative elections

AP: Italy’s LEGA has helped the center-right post a strong showing in local and administrative elections, while its partner at national level, the 5-Star Movement, suffered setbacks.

This was confirmed by ANSA: “Initial results of Italian local elections held on Sunday show that the rightwing populist League spearheaded a strong showing by the center-right alliance.… Be Informed

Italy: Habemus Premier

After 88 days of negotiations, discussions, false starts, impeachment threats and an institutional crisis Italy’s powers announced that “There are all the conditions for a political government”.

So this marks the start of the Ms5 and Lega government.

The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte received this evening the task of forming the government by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. … Be Informed

Quo Vadis Italia – Day 2 – Death threats to Mattarella evoke the memories of when his brother was killed in the 80s


Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, used harsh tones, to call to popular mobilisation against the powers and the Europe of the banks, in defence of the right of Italian citizens to decide their own government.

However, there are differences between the two, on the proposed way-forward, in particular on the issue of the impeachment. … Be Informed

Quo Vadis Italia?

Italy’s premier-designate has told the president he has been unable to form what would have been western Europe’s first populist government.

A presidential palace official told reporters on Sunday night that Giuseppe Conte “has given back the mandate” to try to form a government that President Sergio Mattarella gave him four days earlier.… Be Informed

Di Maio issues ultimatum to Mattarella – Or close discussions within today or elections.

Savona italy

“This government game either closes within the next 24 hours or does not close anymore, we have already waited long enough”. This was stated by the political leader of the M5s, Luigi Di Maio. Along the same lines the leader of the Lega, Matteo Salvini: “Either we leave or it is enough for us, I refuse to treat again for weeks”.… Be Informed

Disagreement with Mattarella on the appointment of Minister of Finance lead to tensions and increases the risk of new elections in Italy.


Italy risks to go back to vote. 82 days since the last Italian election, the country is still without a government. Although M5s and Lega have agreed on the appointment of Giuseppe Conte as Prime Minister, there seem to be more differences than agreements on the team who will be leading the country.… Be Informed

Italian President Mattarella calls Giuseppe Conte for a decisive meeting, an indication that soon, Italy might have a Prime Minister

giuseppe conte ansa-2

The Italian President Sergio Mattarella, has called for Giuseppe Conte, the person indicated by both M5S and Lega as the next Prime Minister for a meeting. The meeting is expected to take place today at 1730.  According to sources close to the Italian President’s office, the leader of the M5S Luigi Di Maio and the Lega Matteo Salvini, were requested by the President of the Republic, to confirm the proposal to confer the mandate for the formation of the government to Professor Conte.… Be Informed

Italy : The long obstacle race for government formation is still on

salvini di maio.jpg

There was no agreement on who will be the next Prime Minister of Italy and both M5s and Lega asked Italian President Mattarella for more time. The Head of State agreed to their request.

We are aware of international deadlines, but we ask for another day because we are writing a government program for 5 years”, Di Maio said, who shows, however, a certain optimism despite the black smoke Today: “At the bottom is only the first consultation we do after the agreement”.… Be Informed

22nd July the most probable date for new elections in Italy


Italy might have failed to reach the World Cup, but at this stage, the months of June and July seem to be taken up by another kind of contest following the fact that Italy’s coalition-building talks have failed, leaving the country facing fresh elections in July or a neutral caretaker government until the end of the year.… Be Informed