Switzerland and UK sign social security agreement in the event of No-Deal Brexit

epa07962755 Pro-Leave EU campaigners march in London, Britain, 31 October 2019. Hundreds of protesters in favor of leaving the European Union demonstrated against Britain missing the deadline of the October 31 to leave the bloc. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

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Switzerland and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement in London to maintain social security rights in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The text is in line with the Swiss government’s Mind the Gap strategy.

If it had to come into force, this transitional agreement would be limited in time and applicable in principle until December 31, 2020, the government said in a statement  on Thursday.

The European Union has allowed Britain to delay its Brexit departure from October 31 up to January 31, 2020.

The agreement maintains the social security coordination laws currently applied in the context of the free movement of people for citizens of both states as well as for citizens of other EU countries who would like to work in Switzerland or Britain.

Some 35,400 Swiss live in Britain and nearly 41,400 Brits live in Switzerland.

While Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it recognises the free movement of people through a series of bilateral agreements with the EU.

Via Swissinfo

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